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  • The tiny isle of Capri is the perfect romantic paradise
  • The tiny isle of Capri is the perfect romantic paradise
  • The tiny isle of Capri is the perfect romantic paradise
  • Impeccable Planning - Flawless Execution
  • Impeccable Planning - Flawless Execution
  • Impeccable Planning - Flawless Execution

Celebrate your Italian wedding in Capri!

Capri is sure to cast its magical spell on you. The beauty and romance of the Island is hard to shake off. In the evening, the island becomes intimate and private and the views at sunset from the Faraglioni will leave you speechless. Explore gardens and walkways immersed in the fragrance of exotic flowers and stop for a cocktail at one of the cafe’s at the famous Piazzetta - Capri’s main square, and the hub of all activity. You will never want to leave this paradise...

Civil weddings in Capri can be held in both the Capri and Anacapri town halls.

The Capri town hall is located on the most famous square on the island; the “Piazzetta”, sometimes referred to as the living room of Capri. Across from the main square is the wedding hall which is accessed via a quiet courtyard to maintain privacy. The interior of the wedding hall is elegant and charming. The Capri wedding hall will hold a maximum of 40 guests.

The Anacapri wedding hall is perched at the highest part of the island and civil ceremonies can be held outside in the lovely garden courtyard or terrace or indoors in case of bad weather. The building reflects the typical architecture of this Mediterranean paradise.  Ceremonies can be celebrated throughout the week including week-ends.

Regarding your Capri Civil Ceremony
A Capri civil ceremony is performed in Italian, we will provide the interpreter. A sworn statement is to be signed several days prior and you are free to tailor the event with readings, poetry, music and flowers.

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