Lake Como Wedding at Villa Balbianello – Lisa and Jack

A magical Lake Como wedding at Villa Balbianello........

Lisa and Jack visited our favorite Lake with our team to view locations for their wedding in Italy. It came to no surprise that they chose two of our favorite venues:  Villa Balbianello for their civil ceremony and our romantic Relais for accommodation and reception. The Relais is an idyllic hideaway for an intimate group offering designer rooms and suites and can be entirely privatized as your own exclusive Lake Como villa.

The color palette of the day was a gorgeous mix of purples and pinks - a perfect choice for the green backdrop of Villa Balbianello and silvery waters of Lake Como.

A boat ride whisked guests to the ceremony. Jack and his groomsmen impeccably clad in traditional Scottish kilts (fantasic!) awaited the arrival of the bridal party.  The civil ceremony was celebrated in the magical Loggia Durini, one of the most spectacular settings for a Lake Como wedding ceremony.

The reception was held back at the Relais, privately catered with a long imperial table under the arbor overlooking the Lake.  After the reception....time for the party and a personalized casino for everyone to join in!

"Raffaella: Thank you all so much for the help you provided us with throughout the process and on our wedding day. You were all truly great to work with, and Rita on the day was just so amazing and made us feel completely relaxed."

PHOTOGRAPHY by - Andrea Pitti

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