Indian wedding in Italy – Parneet and Ajay

Colour, sparkle, brightness and the beauty of Tuscany! What could be more beautiful than an Indian wedding in Italy?

A traditional Indian wedding usually is a 3-day celebration. Among the festivities is the mehndi ceremony for the bride and other ladies where elaborate henna designs are drawn by an artist on hands and feet.  Following the mehndi is the sangeet – a joyous celebration with food, dancing and often Bollywood style performances.

The highlight of the 3 days is of course the Hindu ceremony after which aperitifs with finger foods and a reception follow.  However Indian weddings in Italy sometimes follow different arrangements and can incorporate a “white/European” wedding on one of the days as well as the traditional Indian wedding.  Most of Distinctive Italy’s Indian weddings are 3 day events.

Parneet and Ajay chose Tuscany as their preferred region! With our venue sourcing assistance, they selected a magnificent Renaissance villa with estate, complete with forest, gardens and private lake near Florence. The perfect setting to celebrate with 100 plus of their closest friends and family their Hindu wedding in Italy.  

A white wedding was held on day two with a civil ceremony directly on location along the lake…..a very romantic setting.  Venues authorized to celebrate a civil wedding in Italy are still rare and this villa was perfect for what Parneet and Ajay were planning. A seated, formal reception followed.

The 3rd day was a spectacle of colour! A glorious red mandap was created for our couple by our floral designer. Gorgeous saris, gold jewelry and bright flowers....against the magical backdrop of Tuscany.  Need we say more? The  Distinctive Italy team provided the mehndi artist, Hindu priest, dhol drummer and a magnificent horse for Ajay to arrive in Princely style!

A memorable, joy filled celebration for a lovely couple we were honored to assist!

Photography by David Bastianoni

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