Wedding in San Galgano Abbey – Victoria and Joshua

Did you know that the legend of King Arthur and the sword in the stone originated in Tuscany? The real sword in the stone is located in Chiusdino, near Siena, in a chapel called Eremo or Rotonda di Montesiepi.

Here’s a (really) quick synopsis of the legend:

It starts with a boy named Galgano, who was a young, mischievous youth, who wreaked havoc around his village.

One day, after having an epiphany, Galgano vowed that he would change his ways and dedicate himself to God and become a hermit. To solidify this decision, he slashed the symbol of a cross into a stone and then pierced the stone with his sword.

The sword stuck right through the center of the stone. From then on, Galgano lived a life of solidarity. The town’s people were so moved by Galgano’s chang, they later built and dedicated a Romanesque temple style church to Galgano, which was built around the stone with the sword stuck into it.

Galgano later received sainthood.

Later on, a Cistercian Monastery was built around the hermitage of Saint Galgano. The Abbey was named The Abbey of Saint Galgano and was constructed in the valley near his chapel. Nestled in the rolling hills of Tuscany, you’ll find this magical roofless Abbey in ruins, which dates back to the 13th century.

The abbey has an otherworldly effect, like something straight from a fairytale.

Because of its unique and strikingly beautiful atmosphere, Joshua and Victoria chose to say their ‘I dos’ in this enchanting place. Their fairytale became a reality.

The couple stayed at the luxury 5-star Borgo Santo Pietro, an exclusive venue near Siena, not far from the famous abbey and boasts a 200-acre green oasis, away from the bustling touristic areas of Tuscany.

For her special day, Victoria donned a vibrant red lip, which added a vintage vibe to her look. Her flowing blonde hair and dewy skin was both effortless and timeless.
Her dress was a gorgeous shade of antique white with sparkling intricate beading.

Both bride and groom fit into the whole scene seamlessly.

Renowned Italian photographer - Cristiano Ostinelli was able to capture the surreal background and intense romance and emotion of the occasion. You’d almost believe that these photos are not real.

Ostinelli played with the mass amount of colors and lighting.

Some people would cry at the thought of it raining on their wedding day, but instead, Joshua and Victoria created the most romantic and intense photo session, submerged in a rustic Italian pool under the rain. I think it’s safe to say that the umbrella was not doing much.

A complete mix of sun, clouds and rain, the landscape gave way to some epic amounts of colors, which Ostinelli took full advantage of while capturing the day.

Looking back at the photos of this day, it had the perfect mix of intense landscape, limitless colors, fairytale architecture and a stunning couple, it seems like it could be straight out of a Hollywood movie.

From the couple:  "thanks to Distinctive Italy for making our dreams come true 🙂"

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