Elegant Amalfi Coast Wedding - Karuna and Jayssen

Elegant Amalfi Coast Wedding

This stunnnig wedding was all about elegance and COLOUR - gorgeous colours: from Karuna's beautiful Indian wedding dresses to the colours of Ravello which was in full bloom for this June wedding. 

Ravello is the highlight of the Amalfi Coast towns

It overlooks the entire coast and has the finest views imaginable.  It offers a wide variety of luxury hotels and villas for exclusive events as well as other reception options in all budgets.  Civil ceremonies can be celebrated outdoors, in the Giardini della Principessa di Piemonte,while Protestant and Catholic ceremonies are possible in a number of beautiful churches.

Karuna and Jayssen chose to get married in Ravello after considering a variety of regions in the South of Italy.  Their dream was to celebrate their union surrounded by the sea, flowering gardens and of course stunning views........which Ravello definitely provided.

The blessing ceremony was held at one of the finest private villas in the town - within easy walking distance from the main square of Ravello.  Before the wedding the bride and groom to be had a special photo shoot around the charming town. Karuna wore a magnificent gold embroidered Indian sari and looked incredible.  For the wedding she changed into another breathtaking gold and ivory sari.  You will definitely enjoy the photos.

Following their Ravello wedding ceremony, family and friends experienced a true banquet in traditional Southern Italian style and hospitality.  The food at this villa is amazing and the dinner was followed by music and dancing under the stars.

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01 Amalfi Coast wedding view
02 Ravello wedding scenic view
03 Amalfi Coast wedding market
04 Italy wedding Fiat in Ravello
06 Amalfi Coast wedding couple
07 Ravello wedding couple
08 Italy wedding couple in Ravello
09 Amalfi Coast wedding villa
10 Ravello wedding garden
11 Ravello wedding couple embrace
12 Amalfi Coast wedding sea
13 Amalfi Coast wedding terrace
14 Ravello wedding bride
15 Ravello wedding garden walk
16 Amalfi Coast wedding garden
17 Ravello wedding bride and groom
18 Amalfi Coast wedding gate
19 Amalfi Coast wedding photographer
20 Ravello wedding rings
21 Ravello wedding groom
22 Amalfi Coast wedding village
23 Amalfi Coast wedding art
24 Amalfi Coast wedding entrance
25 Ravello wedding guestbook
26 Italy wedding villa in Ravello
27 Ravello symbolic ceremony groom
28 Amalfi Coast wedding flowers
29 Ravello wedding reception tables
30 Ravello wedding groomsmen
31 Ravello wedding villa
32 Amalfi Coast wedding groomsmen
33 Ravello wedding photographer
34 Amalfi Coast wedding guests
35 Ravello wedding guests
36 Amalfi Coast villa wedding
37 Ravello wedding bridesmaid
38 Ravello wedding bridal family
39 Ravello wedding flowergirl
40 Amalfi Coast villa wedding reception
41 Ravello wedding bride and father
42 Ravello symbolic ceremony path
43 Ravello wedding bridesmaid procession
44 Ravello wedding bridal procession
45 Amalfi Coast wedding procession
46 Amalfi Coast wedding planners
47 Ravello wedding flower petals
48 Amalfi Coast wedding bridesmaid
49 Ravello wedding groom smiling
50 Blessing ceremony in Ravello
51 Amalfi Coast symbolic ceremony
52 Italy wedding photographer
53 Ravello symbolic wedding ceremony
54 Amalfi Coast wedding jewelry
55 Amalfi Coast wedding vows
56 Ravello wedding vows
57 Ravello wedding ring exchange
58 Amalfi Coast wedding music
59 Amalfi Coast wedding signature
60 Amalfi Coast wedding cocktails
61 Ravello wedding cocktails
62 Amalfi Coast wedding food
63 Ravello wedding planners
64 Ravello wedding reception guests
65 Amalfi Coast wedding family
66 Ravello wedding bridal party
67 Ravello villa wedding reception
68 Ravello symbolic ceremony guests
69 Ravello symbolic wedding couple
70 Ravello wedding bouquet toss
71 Amalfi Coast wedding portrait
72 Amalfi Coast wedding patio
73 Ravello wedding villa patio
74 Amalfi Coast wedding dress
75 Amalfi Coast wedding toast
76 Ravello wedding reception toast
77 Italy wedding villa in Ravello
78 Ravello wedding reception gazebo
79 Ravello wedding reception couple
80 Ravello wedding reception bride
81 Ravello wedding dress
82 Amalfi Coast wedding cake
83 Ravello wedding cake
84 Ravello wedding reception dance
85 Amalfi Coast wedding dance
86 Ravello wedding couple dance
87 Ravello wedding reception lights

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