Positano Wedding - Diana and Michael

Positano Wedding

Breathtaking – the couple.
Breathtaking – the location.

Diana and Michael’s wedding in Positano was held in one of the most spectacular Amalfi Coast venues. 

This luxury villa, positioned at the highest point of the town with unbelievable views of Positano and its coastline, is a magical setting for an Amalfi Coast wedding.

Positano is among the most favored of the Amalfi Coast towns with its picture perfect white washed houses and narrow ancient stone streets. There are stairs and steps everywhere creating an intricate pattern on the hillside and splashes of bright colors from the bougainvillea flowered balconies. Definitely a photo opportunity!

We loved everything about Diana and Michael's event; in particular the gorgeous pastel palette of violet and various shades of turquoise. The glamorous floral décor highlighted the beauty of the location – in particular the cutting edge rectangular “arch” and the stunning reception centerpieces.

The wedding reception was a true testament of Amalfi Coast hospitality with an aperitif hour that included a full and champagne bar while guests took in the amazing sunset.  The seated reception reflected local specialties.

Salty kebab of fruit
(seasonal fruits, local cured meats and cheeses)
Fantasy of bruschette
Mozzarella delicacies and  cherry tomatoes kebab
Fried corner in the Neapolitan tradition
Fried dough “panzarotti” stuffed with ricotta cheese, salami from Agerola
Fried dough “pizzelle” with vegetables
Tempura courgette flowers filled with ricotta cheese
Variety of seasonal vegetables in tempura
Mozzarella and chicken bites in breadcrust

Starter : Steamed carpaccio octopus.
First course: Tubettoni Pasta allo Scoglio di Praiano
Second course: Chicken with citrus fruit with spinach salad


The naked wedding cake was a showstopper – almost as good to look at as it was to eat! Enjoy the photos of Diana and Michael's beautiful wedding in Positano!

PHOTOS by Sergey Lapkovsky

DIANA and MICHAEL - Wedding in Positano from Denis De Luca on Vimeo.

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