Sorrento Wedding - Barbara and Iain

Sorrento Wedding

While we are used to receiving testimonials from our couples - (which Barbara and Iain were kind enough to send us). I personally HAD to write one for this lovely bride and groom:)!

They truly were the most delightful couple we have had the pleasure of assisting in many years as wedding planners! Everyone who met them fell in love with them! Barbara and Iain were really able to relax and enjoy the whole process of planning their Sorrento wedding.

They contacted me 2 years in advance with exact ideas of what they envisioned for their big day. Their dream location were the Cloisters of San Francesco - Sorrento for the civil ceremony, with the reception at a beautiful private villa overlooking the sea. The Saint Francis Cloisters of Sorrento are a beautiful and romantic outdoor setting for civil ceremonies.  Actually one of the most requested outdoor civil venues in Italy.

The private villa is very close to the Cloisters making it very convenient from a logistics point of view.  It offers outstanding service and well as to die for views of the entire Sorrento Bay.

As the months went by all of the details came together.

Barbara and Iain wrote me:

"Ciao Rosanna,

 Firstly thank you! Apologies for not getting back to you sooner, had a busy last few days in Italy.....

We had an amazing day, and couldn't have asked for much more. Our guests all enjoyed the day from start to finish, and loved the settings we had chosen in terms of the Cloisters, and especially the Villa  for the reception. That really wowed them, especially as the weather was stunning all day, and the sunset was spectacular. We were lucky, as the following days after our wedding it did rain each day and was cloudy as well. 

.... David (photographer), ....he was absolutely fantastic and we were very impressed with his approach and creativity. We saw plenty of the photos he was taken on the day on his camera, and cannot wait to see them on a big screens they looked spectacular...! Definitely glad we asked for him to be there early and start capturing Barbara and the bridesmaids getting ready as some of those photos are wonderful. 

The bouquets frrm the florist were beautiful, and although we did toy with the idea of not having to keep costs down we are glad we did. 

Hair stylist and make up were great as well, B was really happy with them...

We would both like to thank you for your input, patience and for pulling everything together for us, we genuinely cannot think of a way our day could have been any better, everything came together perfectly. We would be more than happy to be a reference for future couples, 

Once again, grazie Rosanna,

Iain and Barbara"

The day was gorgeous, the views amazing and the happiness of everyone is obvious from the stunning photos shot by one of Italy's great photographers: David Bastianoni.

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