Sorrento Wedding Romance - Michelle and Brad

Sorrento Wedding Romance

Sorrento is the number one location for couples planning a wedding in the Amalfi Coast.

This beautiful city is the ideal setting for anyone dreaming of gorgeous sea views, warm hospitality and amazing locations (not to mention the incredible food and wines!).

Sea view villas overlooking the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast are the norm along with luxury palace hotels offering the possibility of dining and dancing under the stars at night.
Michelle and Brad chose to get married in Sorrento to enjoy the legendary hospitality of the Campania region. They fell in love with our Sea-View Villa and its amazing terraces overlooking the Mediterranean sea.  It offers a spectacular setting for an outdoor blessing ceremony as well as lovely gardens and elegant interiors.  It is one of our favorite Sorrento wedding venues.

Michelle and Brad were a delightful American couple to work with, with sunny, positive personalities and very excited to have their family and friends join them for such a special, once in a lifetime event!

The evening ended with spectacular fireworks over the bay of Sorrento!

"The wedding was WONDERFUL!!!!  Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!  I would rate everything a 5 out of 5.  You guys were great to work with!  All of you!  Junko was so helpful, Michele once we arrived in Sorrento, Simona, the florist, photographer, make-up, hair.  It was all great!  Of course put me on your contact list about future couples wedding in Sorrento, and using your company.  I would enjoy to talk about our positive experience and relive the great memories!"
Love Michelle and Brad


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