Luxury Villa Wedding in Florence - Wen-Li and James

Luxury Villa Wedding in Florence

Wen-Li and James celebrated their wedding in Tuscany on a gloriously sunny October day in one of our favorite private villas in Florence. 

Tuscan Villas are so bonding;  bringing all your favorite people together under one incredibly gorgeous roof. 

That’s the dream of a wedding in Italy! And it was so natural to do so for a Chinese-American and a British national, WenLi and James, who met in Shanghai where they both work and live.  One trip to Florence was enough to confirm their wish to have their wedding in the capitol city of art and one look was enough to want to share their Italian Villa location with their close friends and family who flew from the far corners of the world to celebrate their marriage in Italy.

Wenli and James are in love with each other and with Florence;  they arrived a good week early to enjoy the friendly Florentine atmosphere before hosting all their guests for a welcome dinner on one of the most panoramic terraces downtown.  After a family style meal, as they watched the sun go down and color the sky over the Ponte Vecchio, it was as if Caravaggio himself was stroking the landscape with his paintbrush at that very moment …

The Protestant ceremony was celebrated in the Italian gardens overlooking the spectacular panorama of the hills surrounding the city of Florence. The bride was escorted in a sleek Mercedes sedan.  Her bridesmaids wear dusty blue gowns carrying white hydrangea topiaries as they guide her across the villa gardens to meet her one love.

After I do's, a moment alone to savour the gardens and panoramas and then let the festivities begin!

Guestbook post cards, drinks on the lawn, string musicians, a stroll hand in hand....  At nightfall, an Italian pastry chef assembles their wedding cake live and kicks of their first dance as husband and wife … in love with each other and now, once again with Florence. A sparkling goodbye bids everyone Arrivederci!


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