Villa La Vedetta Wedding in Florence

Villa La Vedetta Wedding in Florence

Florence remains one of the most requested wedding destinations in Italy.

A wedding in Florence surrounded by the amazing ancient antiquities and history of this beautiful city is unforgettable.  The selection of options for receptions is also one of the widest - from luxury private villa and palaces, historic hotels, and charming restaurants.

The city of Florence also offers an outstanding array of ceremony options - from the magnificent Sala Rossa for civil ceremonies to Orthodox, Protestant and Catholic churches as well as a beautiful Jewish Synagogue.  In short, it is the city that can meet any requirement, budget and taste.

Joni and Nolan had close ties to Florence and chose one of the finest luxury Panoramic Villa hotels in the city as the setting for their wedding.  The venue offers a spectacular panorama of the city from its terraces and gardens.

The blessing ceremony was held on the main terrace overlooking the Arno River and the terracotta roofs of the entire city.  Afterwards guests enjoyed a buffet of finger foods with their aperitivo and a formal seated meal followed with dancing under the stars.

A welcome dinner was arranged the night before for everyone at a typical Tuscan trattoria specializing in the famous bistecca alla Fiorentina (the Tuscan T Bone steak).

PHOTOS by David Bastianoni

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