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Wedding in Tuscany

A picture perfect day in May - a stunning venue - and a gorgeous couple.........what else could you wish for a wedding in Tuscany?!   Laura and Efri, surrounded by 90 of their closest family and friends celebrated a memorable 3 day event at the luxury Villa Mangiacane in Tuscany.  Guests arrived from New York, California and Israel to experience an authentic Tuscan wedding.

The Villa is one of the most luxurious venues near Florence and is immersed among vineyards, romantic gardens and spectacular views.  The rooms and suites are extraordinary, particularly the honeymoon suite where the bride and close friends prepared for the big day.

Days prior DIW's staff organized a welcome dinner and traditional Tuscan BBQ so that guests could experience the wonderful food and wine of the region.

But the highlight was indubitably the wedding day.  The ceremony was celebrated on the lawn, overlooking the incredible panorama of olive groves and vineyards.  Cocktails followed in the manicured gardens of the villa and the wedding reception was held in the courtyard, outdoors under the stars with a magnificent imperial table!

Laura wrote us that the wedding:

"...was an incredible, magical, perfect wedding! There was not a single issue or problem (at least, from our perspective), so our experience with the Villa and the interaction with DIW was incredible.

Let me know know where you would like for me to provide our feedback or reviews, as I'm happy to do so.

Junko was a saint on Saturday and I am so thankful for all of her assistance! Everything was perfect!!  We are dying to see Mauro's pictures... as all of our friend's iPhone pictures were incredible. Do you know when they will be ready for viewing.

Thank you again for everything - our dream came true!"


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