Vincigliata Castle Wedding in Florence - Sally and Greg

Vincigliata Castle Wedding in Florence


Sally and Greg dreamt of bringing all their close family and friends over to Italy to experience what getting married in a real, live castle means and their dream came true this year in Tuscany. A royal army of bridesmaids, groomsmen and guests from abroad celebrated their wedding in Italy dining, drinking and dancing inside towering medieval castle walls.

A castle wedding in Tuscany is the epitome of romance and the Vincigliata castle wins over all others for astonishing historical beauty. Stone walls which have stood through centuries of battles are gently embraced by secular wisteria vines which when in full bloom in the spring, release a hypnotic scent from their small, purple blossoms saturating the entire castle ambiance. Looking up at the majestic castle walls are neatly kept Italian gardens and fountains on the outside while inside, elegant settings for a gala wedding supper include a courtyard and veranda.

The wedding palette was coral and gold.  Reception tables were decorated with tall bronze tone candelabras stylishly embellished with coral and white roses, delicate berries for accent, and strings of pearls for a Tuscan chic look.  Guests received their programs and menu cards, part of a letterpress stationary suite, in the winning trio gold-coral-white.

How not to match bridesmaids dresses with a soft coral theme? And match their shoes in hues of coral too – bellissimo! Cavaliers wore light grey three piece suits and the backdrops for photos are just amazing: perfectly matched with the multicolored stones of the castle walls.

The castle that never sleeps!  The party went on into early morning as the medieval walls were dipped in colorful uplights, lighting the dance floor and accenting the surroundings joyfully and happily ever after!

About their Vincigliata Castle wedding Sally wrote that:  "I was totally blown away by the efforts of all the people around us that worked so hard to make the day run perfectly. It was a long day for all of them but their energy and professionalism was amazing and we couldn’t have done it without them.  We had a wonderful time and wish the evening never had to end. Our guests were absolutely wowed by the whole thing and it is a day we will never every forget."

Tuscany wedding Photography by Rossini Photographers

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