Indian Wedding in Tuscany - Rupa and Sandip

Indian Wedding in Tuscany

Nine kilograms of lehenga: embroidery, silk, pettycoats, beads, basting, waistline, hooks, lining.  An Indian bride worth her weight in gold:

Rupa is beautiful, as her Sanskrit name confirms. In a land so different from her ancestral India or her homeland England, Rupa chooses Tuscany and Tuscany embraces Rupa and Sandip to bring their families together on a grand wedding day in Italy.

India and Tuscany: both secular, both deeply traditional.  Tuscany and India become one at the Enchanted Wine Country Hamlet dressed up in red for a day of celebrating,  feasting, and dancing.

An Indian wedding in Tuscany just makes sense.  Take a custom that emphasizes beauty, love, family and fun, then place it in a setting that exalts nature, harmony, landers and adventure, the result is an absolutely incredible Italian wedding with an Indian-Tuscan twist to last over three days of festivities - mehndi and sangeet, vidhi and pithi, baarat and milni ... every moment had it's place in a Tuscan wedding setting. Whether in stone farmhouses or beneath a red marquee overlooking rolling Tuscan hills, no element is  impossible for this Indian wedding in Italy.

This Indian wedding in Italy blessed Rupa and Sandips togetherness in front of close relatives and friends underneath an exclusive red mandap. Seven rounds, exchanging garlands, and a splendid formal ceremony brought all guests present together in wishing the bride and groom a long and prosperous life together.

An exquisite Tuscan-Indian wedding breakfast made this celebration even more unique. Expert Indian catering in collaboration with fine Tuscan cuisine to please Indian tradition with Italian expertise.  Guests were served only the best and the finale was complete with an exquisite Italian wedding cake followed by dancing dancing dancing ... cham cham cham!

FROM RUPA and SANDIP: "we both had a fantastic time and our fairytale Indian wedding in Italy came true. All of the guests to this day, loved it! We would be happy for you to list our email as references.

Finally, a big thank you to Raffaela who was fantastic throughout the whole planning process over the last year or so.

Our warmest regards, Rupa and Sandip

PHOTOS BY David Bastianoni


RUPA and SANDIP - Trailer Wedding in Tuscany from Denis De Luca on Vimeo.

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