Glamorous Lake Como Wedding

Lake Como Wedding

Lake Como offered a warm welcome to  our star couple of the year and also one of the loveliest to work with. Bride and groom traveled from Norway with 100 guests to celebrate a fantastic 3 day wedding in Lake Como

Planning this wedding was an absolute pleasure. This couple was fun, energetic and as you will see from the photos, absolutely stunning.

The festivities kicked off with an informal get together at a charming restaurant allowing everyone to relax and mingle while enjoying local delights and wines.

The day prior to the wedding I organized a relaxing day at the Bellagio Lido for all of the guests with private boat transfers, ending with an exclusive party at the TBeach of the luxury Grand Hotel Tremezzo Guests were served an extensive menu of finger foods and   assorted grilled meats and delicacies, while Prosecco flowed throughout the evening.

The wedding theme was "Art Nouveau" in keeping with the venue, with unique touches such as bespoke passport Italian wedding invitations designed by our graphic artist to keep to the theme throughout the entire day along with matching menus and seating chart.

On the wedding day, the Lake Como wedding ceremony was held next door at the unique Villa Carlotta with its world famous botanical gardens, outdoors of course so guests could take in the incomparable views of the lake!  String music accompanied the ceremony.

After a romantic boat ride on a vintage Ruy boat and photos, our bride and groom joined their guests on the lake view terrace of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo for cocktails.  There is no more glamorous setting for a wedding reception in Lake Como! 100 guests enjoyed a banquet accompanied by music followed by cutting of the cake and a first dance  on the Regina Terrace under the stars.

Later - guests kicked off their heels to dance until the early morning in the private Escale Wine bar that was turned into a private discotheque.  Tramezzini and more Prosecco kept everyone refueled  until 3:00am!

Hello dear Rosanna!

There are so many things we want to thank you for. For the kind words below, for your ultra quick responsiveness from day one, for working hard to understand our sometimes vague wishes and explanations. And last but not least; thanks for planning the wedding that turned out to out rule all of our expectations and dreams!

·         Quality of Service 5
·         Responsiveness 5
·         Professionalism 5
·         Value 5
·         Flexibility 5

Sorry I can't give you more constructive criticism, but we can't put out finger on anything that could be done better from your side.

Same goes for all of the providers. Blunotte - fantastic performance of the ceremonial songs! Same goes for the DJ and sax - WOW! Everyone was dancing their socks off and commented of how great it all was. Didn't get to hear the pianist unfortunately, but my mother said it was wonderful.

GHT has been a pleasure staying at as always, and very accommodating to our big Scandinavian crowd - even if some of our guests tried to break into the pool for a night swim..:) Amazing experience!

Barbara was great to have around - could see at once that she knew what she was doing. Looking forward to swing the photos ALOT!

Rita, and the lovely helper I can't remember the name of, NO WORDS. Made my day stress-free.

And yes, of course you can use my email as a reference. Would be happy to strongly recommend you for anyone who wants their dream wedding come true.

Let me know if there is any thing else we can help with.

Best wishes - E & L

Fabulous photography by BARBARA ZANON

01 Lake Como wedding bride
02 Tremezzo wedding bride
03 Villa Carlotta wedding bride
04 Lake Como wedding dress
05 Tremezzo wedding bridal bouquet
07 Tremezzo wedding veil
09 Lake Como wedding pool
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14 Villa Carlotta wedding groom
15 Lake Como wedding ceremony
16 Tremezzo wedding floral design
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18 Villa Carlotta wedding bridesmaid
20 Tremezzo wedding procession
22 Tremezzo wedding bouquet
23 Villa Carlotta wedding vows
26 Tremezzo wedding ceremony
27 Lake Como wedding ceremony
28 Lake Como wedding vows
29 Tremezzo wedding rings
30 Villa Carlotta wedding kiss
31 Villa Carlotta wedding guests
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34 Tremezzo wedding embrace
35 Lake Como wedding photographer
36 Villa Carlotta wedding dress
37 Tremezzo wedding dress
38 Villa Carlotta wedding couple
39 Lake Como wedding embrace
41 Lake Como wedding kiss
42 Tremezzo wedding photographer
43 Tremezzo wedding bridal party
44 Lake Como wedding friends
44 Villa Carlotta wedding bridal dress
45 Tremezzo wedding champagne
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49 Lake Como wedding veil kiss
51 Lake Como wedding ceremony
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54 Tremezzo wedding city
56 Lake Como wedding arrival
57 Tremezzo wedding reception music
58 Tremezzo wedding bridal portrait
59 Villa Carlotta wedding stairs
60 Lake Como wedding menu
61 Tremezzo wedding reception table
62 Tremezzo wedding placesetting
63 Lake Como wedding candles
64 Lake Como wedding reception
69 Tremezzo wedding groom
71 Lake Como wedding reception kiss
71 Tremezzo wedding reception bar
72 Lake Como wedding bar
73 Lake Como wedding reception shoes
74 Lake Como wedding DJ
75 Lake Como wedding dance
77 Lake Como wedding cake
79 Tremezzo wedding reception cake
80 Tremezzo wedding reception drinks
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