Lake Como Elopement at Villa Balbianello - Ronda and Scott

Lake Como Elopement at Villa Balbianello

From Lake Como, Italy! After contacting us to plan their elopement, Ronda and Scott quickly narrowed down their choice for their Italian wedding destination to glamorous Lake Como.

Lake Como remains our undisputed top choice for anyone dreaming of a wedding in the Italian Lakes.

The civil ceremony was held in Cernobbio and afterwards the couple embarked on a spectacular boat cruise which took them to some of the most scenic spots of Lake Como including of course the legendary Villa Balbianello.  Few places in Italy can compete with the breathtaking beauty of Villa Balbianello.  It is an ideal setting for couples planning an elopement in Lake Como.   It is an Italian Heritage site - not an actual hotel but a historic villa with magnificent gardens and architecture.

During their romantic cruise Ronda and Scott also stopped in Bellagio for photos.  The town is the most charming of all those surrounding the Lake and retains a village feel with cobbled streets, narrow lanes and many hidden corners to discover.

The outstanding photos are by one of our favorite photographers:  Rochelle Cheever.

01 Lake Como wedding directions
02 Villa Balbianello wedding couple
03 Villa Balbianello wedding kiss
04 Bellagio wedding couple
05 Lake Como wedding photographer
06 Lake Como wedding couple
07 Villa Balbianello wedding venue
08 Villa Balbianello wedding terrace
10 Lake Como wedding villa
11 Lake Como wedding scenery
12 Villa Balbianello wedding entrance
13 Cernobbio wedding couple
14 Villa Balbianello wedding flowers
15 Villa Balbianello wedding view
16 Villa Balbianello wedding gardens
17 Lake Como wedding gardens
18 Lake Como wedding terrace
20 Lake Como wedding venue
21 Villa Balbianello wedding waterfront
22 Italy wedding photographer
23 Lake Como wedding boat
24 Lake Como wedding location
25 Bellagio wedding photographer
26 Bellagio wedding dock
27 Cernobbio wedding couple
28 Bellagio wedding couple kiss
29 Cernobbio wedding couple kiss
30 Lake Como wedding scooter
31 Cernobbio wedding photographer
32 Bellagio wedding bride
33 Bellagio wedding town
34 Bellagio wedding drinks
35 Bellagio wedding cafe
36 Cernobbio wedding shops
37 Bellagio wedding shops
38 Bellagio wedding fountain
39 Bellagio wedding bride and groom
40 Lake Como wedding kiss
41 Lake Como wedding hairstyle
42 Bellagio wedding hall
43 Bellagio wedding harbor
44 Lake Como wedding transportation
45 Bellagio wedding boat ride
46 Cernobbio wedding harbor
47 Lake Como wedding bridge
49 Bellagio wedding boat
50 Cernobbio wedding town
52 Bellagio wedding ceremony
55 Bellagio wedding signature
56 Bellagio wedding kiss
58 Bellagio civil wedding couple
59 Cernobbio wedding boat ride
60 Bellagio wedding lake tour
61 Villa Balbianello wedding scenery
62 Cernobbio wedding boat ride
63 Cernobbio wedding lake tour
64 Bellagio wedding waterfront
65 Cernobbio wedding boat kiss
66 Lake Como wedding bouquet
67 Bellagio wedding bouquet
68 Bellagio wedding couple celebrating
70 Bellagio wedding bride and groom
71 Bellagio wedding villa terrace
72 Bellagio wedding garden walk
73 Bellagio wedding villa patio
74 Cernobbio wedding villa garden
75 Cernobbio wedding lake view
76 Bellagio wedding lake view
77 Lake Como wedding embrace

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