Fairytale wedding at Isola del Garda

Fairytale wedding at Isola del Garda

Jessica and Stephen have been in love with Isola di Garda for years.

They searched for an Italy wedding planner who would make their dream come true and that’s how we met this lovely English couple and got a chance to organize every single detail of their magical Lake Garda wedding.

Isola del Garda is romance personified. The Roman poet Catullus described it as "it is the jewel of peninsulas and islands, both". Indeed, Lake Garda with its sapphire blue waters and stunning views is sure to cast a spell on you. The lake is encircled by enchanting towns, while majestic mountains rise before your eyes.

Isola del Garda is enclosed by a park and is dominated by the Venetian neogothic Villa Borghese, privately owned by the Cavazza family. Below the villa gorgeous terraces and Italian gardens slope down towards the lake.  This definitely is an Italian wedding venue like no other!


 The only way to reach this magical place is by boat and here the adventure begins. The groom being a proud owner of a boat license could not miss the chance to be a captain for the day and he sailed to the island accompanied by all his groomsman.


The stunning bride was accompanied by her lovely bridesmaids all dressed in long elegant blush color dresses. Every detail of the floral decoration was curated to the smallest detail & custom designed for Jessica and Steven’s Isola del Garda wedding celebration.

The preparations began in the morning; a boat whisked all guests to the Island where the majestic Villa awaited them…..the romance of arriving by boat is one of the highlights of a Isola del Garda wedding 

Stefania - the couple’s dedicated Distinctive Italy Senior planner together with the florist created romantic and refined décor in shades of white, blush and green using peonies, mixed roses, gysophilias and olive branches that complimented perfectly the diverse flora of the island. 

The ceremony was held on the Villa’s terrace overlooking the lake from a bird’s eye view - a spectacular setting full of splendid views of Lake Garda and the villa’s exquisite gardens.

After the ceremony the couple sneaked out to take some romantic pictures in the lavish gardens of the island and in the splendid lodge decorated with its fine frescoed ceiling and arches overlooking the lake.

After the guests and the newlywed couple have soaked up the atmosphere of the lake to the fullest, they’ve hopped on their boats and headed to Villa Fiordaliso, located in popular Gardone Riviera for a seated, formal reception at sunset. 

Jessica and Stephen’s Isola di Garda wedding reception kicked off with a magnificent aperitif buffet.

In the evening, candle lights created a magical effect while guests danced the night away.



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