Reception design ideas for your Italy wedding

Reception design ideas for your Italy wedding

Today we continue our discussion on floral décor focusing on reception design for your Italy wedding!! 

 Whether your preference is for round or long, imperial tables, indoor or outdoor settings, whatever style you want to achieve, the décor for reception time plays a key role in your wedding! After all it is when your guests will be seated in one single place for the longest time during your celebration.

You will want to craft a table scene that’s a veritable feast for the eyes as well as the palate?!


You will need to determine if you prefer round tables, or long imperial tables or something different such as a combination of the two which can be really eye catching. The spaces available will be a determining factor on the options you can consider.  Patterns can also be created such as a circle of long imperial tables, much like the spokes in a wheel.  Parallel imperial tables are the perfect solution for some of the grand halls in castles and historic villas.

Shorter rectangular tables are also a possibility. We encourage our couples to step away from the ordinary, with a destination wedding you have so much freedom to do something unique!


The project usually starts with choosing a colour palette, the style and vision the couple has in their minds. Our team develops a tailor-made project based on your criteria helping you make the best choices in terms of vendor selection and budget.

Typically, we take elements from our couple’s overall style and the venue itself. A countryside estate is often celebrated with rustic and natural accents, while a ballroom lends itself into more formal arrangements incorporating crystal and mercury glass. 

An historical venue, on the other hand, can stand out with a modern and linear style  - something unique and different to highlight the amazing setting.

Often the textures and colors of the bride’s bouquet is the inspiration for the greenery and florals used in the centerpieces. If the bouquet is bohemian, we use lush, draping and textural blooms in a natural style. A clean, modern bouquet would inspire the same kind of clean lines and shapes, sticking to a simpler palette and more cohesive, structural floral choices.


It used to be that choosing to opt out of tablecloths was only for informal, rustic events. However couples today are mixing formal with bare tables, often with a gorgeous runner and floral decor running dow hthe middle. The effect can be as informal or over the top as you wish and we feel often is "warmer" and more welcoming.  Wood is beautiful and long tables with dark or light wood and the addition of patterned place settings and even colored glasses with beautiful florals can be quite spectacular. 

Some venues definitely call for total formality with tablecloths....but with the variety of venues and options offered by caterers there is something for everyone!

No matter whether you choose round or long tables, many couples opt for a top table. This “focal point” is a great way to intentionally create a space for a broadening the tablescape. 

If your preference is for round tables, a more gathered design could accent this table shape, while an oblong centerpiece could gracefully accent the center of a long table.


The wonderful thing about flowers is that nothing is written in stone and you can be as creative as you want! Centerpieces can be a combination of decor and even vary from table to table. You can mix some lower centerpieces with tall ones or have a mix of candles on one table and a lush floral arrangement or runner on the others.

Our Italy wedding planners guide our couples on the best design based on the vision they have shared with us and the venue spaces.

Don’t be afraid of unique materials and designs! This is a great opportunity to include some personality and make your wedding in Italy really unique!


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