Jewish Wedding in Rome - Joel and Jordana

Jewish Wedding in Rome

The planning started a year ago when Joel and Jordana contacted us wanting to celebrate their Jewish wedding in Rome - the Eternal city. 

The ceremony was planned in the beautiful historic synagogue in the heart of the Jewish Ghetto; surrounded by antiquities dating back to Roman times.

The synagogue was built after the unification of Italy in 1870 and is a fairly recent construction but the Jewish community of Rome dates back to the 2nd century B.C.  The Jewish Ghetto was founded in 1555 and is one of the most charming parts of Rome's center, filled with charming cafe's, Roman ruins and very much of a neighborhood feel.  Anyone wanting a Jewish wedding in Italy would find this an ideal setting for their special day.

Joel and Jordana's wedding reception was held in Frascati, one of the surrounding towns just outside of Rome in a magnificent Villa with parkAs the months progressed, a very elegant wedding came together.  Joel and Jordana had clear ideas on flowers, colour theme and our designers were able to perfectly match every request.  The colour theme was teal which we love! 

The day started in the morning with our stylist - directly at the hotel.  Guests flew in from the UK and stayed in one hotel; on the wedding day we arranged transfers to the synagogue and reception.  It was a beautiful May day after weeks of heavy rain.  After the ceremony and photos, guests were brought to the Frascati villa.

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