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’To have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the key to everything’ .

The German poet Goethe understood Sicily’s important role in the history of civilization.  Its origins date all the way back to 12000 B.C. and currently almost 10% of the entire Italian population lives there.  it is the largest island in the entire Mediterranean basin and its legends span from Odysseus to the Corleone’s, hosts of one of the most famous Sicilian weddings in history and Hollywood.

A wedding in Sicily lives and breathes the triumphs of both Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire in locations where ruins left by all the greatest civilizations decorate the landscape and adorn the towns in an array of styles including romanic, byzantine, arabic, baroque.

You never get tired of that Greek-Roman feel  when you walk around this VIP village.  The air is Mediterranean Sea saturated and the light all the earth tones give off creates a sort of visual fog, making everything dream-like.

Perched on a hilltop overlooking a charming bay and backed by the Etna volcano, Taormina offers locations high and low for a gorgeous Sicilian wedding day.  Have your beach blessing  on the shores of the Mediterranean and your reception party right on the bay, looking up to admire the view of Taormina just like the Greeks did when they landed there.  Dancing is allowed all night and a sunrise breakfast in the sand is a must.

Photo courtesy of Belmond Sant' Andrea

Luxury seaside hotels offer stunning views of the water from lush gardens where your ceremony and reception party can go on till late.  Remember, seafood is a specialty that local chefs love to prepare Sicilian style.  Pamper yourself at the onsite beauty corner spa and then meet up with family and friends for a drink in one of the elegant lounge and bar areas.

For a 360 degree view of the bay and a towering (and smoking!) Etna, the Monastery welcomes you like royalty and offers a two star Michelin reception for a luxury wedding celebration.  The venue is furnished with period Sicilian furniture made by master artisans of the time.  A number of ballrooms and dining halls accommodate parties of any size and the ex-chapel welcomes close to 400 guests for a unforgettable gala event.

Sicily and Taormina offer everything you imagined in Italy: spectacular locations and one-of-a-kind vistas: mouthwatering food that is locally grown and prepared; fascinating activities like hiking to the top of the Etna volcano or rafting down the Alcantara canyons; hospitality, friendly people, warm weather.  Your guests will thank you for having your wedding in Sicily for a long, long, time.


Some of the most important churches and cathedrals are located not far from Taormina.  The famous cathedral in Ragusa which was destroyed in the 1693 earthquake only to be rebuilt in 1694 is one of the prime examples of Baroque style architecture.

Noto is another icon for Baroque style architecture and its cathedral faces the town Municipal building, both built with traditional Sicilian pale yellow limestone that gives off a warm, sunny glow.

The Sicilians are the finest hosts in Italy.  They have a 'southern charm' that shines especially when visitors are around.  They love entertaining and they are proud to be the secular inhabitants of one of the most well-known Italian vacation destinations.

Sicily could easily provide its own livelihood in agriculture, if only the rest of the world didn't want a piece of that cake too!  The best tomatoes are Sicilian cherry pachinos, namesake for the town of Pachino, near Syracuse.  Everything grows there:  orange, olive, and lemon trees border the seaside towns;  blackberries, asparagus and porcini mushrooms are abundant up in the hills where pine trees and beech populate the forests.  But there is only one real reason for such fertile soil, and that is a volcano.

Sicilians live peacefully alongside their volcano, Mt. Etna, because it is a generous volcano as well as a non-violent one.  Eruptions are spectacular on the summit while the thick lava that oozes out of cracks down the slopes moves slowly enough to allow anything in its path to move aside safely.  In return for their patience, the lava and resulting fertilized soil offers abundant crops to local farmers and where black soot falls, flowers bloom and display the most colorful blossoms and the juiciest fruit.

Photos courtesy of:  San Domenico Palace, Belmomd GH Timeo, Atlantis Bay, Belmond Sant Andrea

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