Snow Wedding in Cortina D'Ampezzo - Simone and Kenneth

Snow Wedding in Cortina D'Ampezzo

We love snow weddings!  Italy offers a great variety of options for couples who wish to have a legally binding civil wedding in the snow, surrounded by breathtaking panoramas. 

On a gorgeous February day, Simone and Kenneth exchanged vows surrounded by their friends and family and the imposing Dolomite mountains. 

It was a time of great joy and well as incredible food and warm Italian hospitality.  Hailing from Ireland and Denmark, Simone and Kenneth chose to be married in the highest mountain refuge of Cortina D'Ampezzo.  The civil ceremony was performed by the Mayor of Cortina.  It was also the bride's birthday:)!

Simone has become one of our favourite brides; one of the most delightful ladies we have had the pleasure of working with.

Cortina offers a wide variety of mountain refuges where it is possible to be married.  The one we proposed to Simone and Kenneth can only be reached via chairlift and is 2470 meters altitude.  The views are incomparable!

A chilly but absolutely stunning, sunny day greeted Simone and Kenneth.

The civil ceremony was performed on the first level of the refuge; and then for the first reception (there were two) there was one more cable car to get to the very top.  During the ceremony and celebration, skiers and well wishers stopped in their tracks at the unusual sight of a beautiful bride and handsome groom!  Everyone wanted to say "AUGURI!"!

The host of the refuge served everyone a "bombardino".  Bombardino is "a drink popular in Italy during the Winter, especially in the ski resorts. It is made by mixing 1/2 Advocaat or eggnog and 1/2 Brandy, mixed with spirit of the alps. It is served hot and with whipped cream on top. It has several variations: with coffee (calimero), with rum (pirata) or whisky (scozzese). The calimero variation is one part Brandy, one part Vov (an egg-based liqueur), and one part espresso. The Bombardino's name is supposedly derived from one of its first imbibers noting its hot temperature and high alcohol and remarking (in Italian) "It's like a bomb!". ""

After all of the excitement of the morning, guests returned to the hotel to prepare for the formal black tie evening reception at the Elegant Chalet Hotel in the center of Cortina.  The hotel has one of the finest restaurants in town.  The chef has won many international culinary prizes and all menus are bespoke.  Simone's one special request was for a chocolate wedding cake which the chef was happy to oblige!

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Risotto with Spinach, Lobster, “Prosecco” Wine from Valdobbiaddene and Saffron

Home-made “Maccheroncini” Pasta with Prawns, Green Asparagus and Rocket Sauce flavoured with Basil


Sea Umbrine baked in Salt Crust served with Herbs Sauce

Sauté of Vegetables confit in Olive Oil from Sassicaia

Peach and Lime Sorbet on Pineapple Slices with Wildberries Syrup and aromatic Vinegar from Modena

Beef Fillet in Bread Crust  with Herbs and Olives

Potatoe Slices with matured Cheese flavoured with fresh Thyme


Pudding of Vanilla Boubon flavoured with Mint and with Strawberries Sauce


Chocolate wedding cake!!:)


We are now back in Denmark and I am just catching up on my e mails :)


I would like to say an enormous thank you to you for all of the outstanding and thoroughly professional way you organised and conducted the work you have done in making our day into something that we could not have even imagined it would be. I mentioned to you the day of the wedding your website tag line " exceeding expectations" well that was certainly fulfilled. I am lost for words at how wonderful it was.


I would like to say a huge and personal thank you to you for being so lovely. It was a pleasure working with you. Everyone was asking was I stressed and all I could say is how can I be stressed when we have Raffaela. You were just so thoughtful and kind and made everything seems so easy! And I am sure it wasn't.


Hi Rosanna, hang on to this lady she is an absolute ambassador for DIW and has certainly gained huge fans as a wedding planner with the friends I had there I have never seen them so impressed (and they have high expectations).

And I would also like to say a big thank you to you for all of the help and advice during our preparation time for the wedding. It was a pleasure dealing with your company and I will be singing your praises for many years to come.

Kindest Regards and again I cannot thank you enough for giving us the most beautiful day (you even managed to organize the weather to perfection)

Simone and Kenneth. XX

We hope you have enjoyed the FANTASTIC photos shot by ALESSANDRO GHEDINA!!

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