Exotic Island Wedding in Tuscany - Megan and Nikolaus

Exotic Island Wedding in Tuscany

How can you turn a beach wedding in Italy into a top notch celebration? Just set it up on an exotic island off the coast of Tuscany!

Elba Island is a paradise lost in the Mediterranean Sea, complete with ancient fortress and historic villas, as well as a dramatic coastline showcasing turquoise-blue waters typical of beach wedding locations in Italy like the Amalfi Coast and the Italian Riviera.

And when you are both expats living away from your home country, it’s a blessing when you find common ground for a fabulous destination wedding in Italy!

Nikolaus never had a doubt about getting married on Elba Island and when he brought his true love Megan there for the first time, she knew the rest of her life would be spent abroad.  Two cultures, two families, two different countries - the US and Germany - meeting for the very first time on the Italian island where Napoleon himself had lived for years in exile.

To soften the culture shock for both families, Megan and Nikolaus chose THE most stylish resort on Elba Island, the Hermitage.  Elegant bungalows overlooking a private bay with all the amenities you could ask for: beach side pool, poolside restaurant, tennis courts, bocci pitches, and even a small golf course where Megan’s father worked off the anticipation of losing his little girl once and for all, to Europe.

The Hermitage Elba is the perfect location for a beach wedding in Tuscany.  Megan and Nikolaus chose the spacious beachfront lawn to speak their vows in front of their international guests and with a Mediterranean backdrop and floral arbor that perfectly framed their ceremony led by Megan’s uncle.

Music played an important role in the whole Italian wedding atmosphere during the ceremony:  a family friend of Nikolaus’ dedicated a cello solo to the international couple, then Megan and her childhood girlfriends from home sang two pieces together, one in German and the other in English, accompanied by an all-girl Italian string quartet.  So many countries were represented in this Italian destination wedding, friends and family from home, friends from London, all united behind Megan and Nikolaus’ love with no borders, no nationality, no boundaries.

While the newly-wed expats took off for some sensational filming on the rock shores of Biodola Bay, a classy cocktail hour served up the finest Italian food prepared by the Hermitage's Michelin starred Italian Chef and guests had ample time to relax, mingle and enjoy the awe-inspiring sunset on the beach.  

Megan’s blush, peach, white and gold color palette blended perfectly with the reception hall set smack on the beachfront and entirely walled with glass doors making the 360 degree view of the bay absolutely stunning.  Where else should they cut their Italian wedding cake than right in the sand!  A Chinese lantern send off, sparklers and flip flops, then let the dancing begin!  Their favorite tunes played by an internationally renowned  Italian DJ until 4 am … sunset and sunrise all-in-one for a grand beach wedding celebration on an Italian island!

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