Spectacular Florence wedding at Villa Gamberaia

At first glance, you’ll see an impeccably curated wedding in the hills of Tuscany. Look a bit closer and you’ll notice all of the intricate details, personal touches and fusions of cultural traditions that made Felicia and Massimiliano’s luxurious wedding in Florence.


Since the bride is no stranger to choosing just the right details, the Chinese- American influencer and blogger made sure to feature many of her own elements of style and cultural traditions, all the while making sure that Massimiliano’s Italian heritage was also a big feature of their celebration.

With a guest list of 120 the Distinctive Italy Weddings team had one of Tuscany’s most exclusive private villas in mind. The perfect place to host Felicia and Massimiliano’s extravagant wedding – the famous Villa Gamberaia.

Known for its magnificent gardens, the 17th century villa is nestled in the Florentine hills, boasting a breathtaking view over the Arno Valley.
To compliment this amazing venue, the couple opted for a white, gold and green color palette, thinking of the lush green hills, shimmering Tuscan sun and fresh florals.

Leading up to “I do”
To welcome the guests who arrived from all over the world, Felicia and Massimiliano held a rooftop dinner the night before the wedding day, so guests could relax, cheer the soon-to-be-married couple, and dine on authentic Tuscan cuisine while overlooking the spectacular views of Florence.

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The Big Day…
The morning of the Florence wedding everyone awoke full of excitement for Felicia and Massimiliano's wedding at Villa Gamberaia.

Felicia and her bridesmaids prepared in one of the many exclusive suites of the villa, all donning colorful silk kimonos. While her bridesmaids wore a regal shade of navy blue, Felicia had three custom dresses for her big day. One gown for the church ceremony, an all white silk dress that was elegant and chic, a second that had a ‘whimsical-fairytale’ like inspiration with flowing tulle and beaded details, while the third paid homage to her Chinese heritage, made of beautiful red fabric with gleaming gold details.

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Massimiliano’s wardrobe consisted of a sleek black Italian tux, and he also had a matching ruby red and gold Chinese outfit to complement Felicia.

There was so much anticipation inside the historic church as guests eagerly awaited the bride’s arrival. Filled with antique artwork, the couple made sure to adorn the ceremony with luscious white florals – giving the ceremony an ethereal atmosphere.

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Felicia arrived in a white vintage Rolls Royce, making sure to match her stunning gown and floral arrangements.

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As the ceremony ended, teary-eyed guests moved to Villa Gamberaia for a delightful cocktail hour, as the newlyweds took photos overlooking the Renaissance city.

The outdoor reception dinner was held in the villa’s famous gardens, illuminated by twinkling overhead lights and decorated with glamorous all white florals. Walking through the gardens, everyone was taken back by the beautiful floral scent that lingered in the air. This was a signature scent created just for Felicia and Massimiliano’s wedding by Jo Malone, which was added to the tables and linens – adding that extra Italian paradise touch to the already unbelievable day.

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After the al fresco dinner, everyone enjoyed a traditional show of Chinese dragon and lion dancers. The show was so spectacular that it got the party started and inspired everyone to get up to dance and celebrate.

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During the lively celebration Felicia and Massimiliano cut their first cake together as a married couple, a towering white and gold tiered cake that looked almost too good to eat.

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The colorful celebration lasted well into the night where everyone danced, laughed and celebrated the amazing couple underneath the Tuscan sky.

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The Day After…
The celebration continued the next day when a gourmet picnic lunch was held in Villa Gamberaia’s gardens, where everyone reminisced about the unforgettable wedding. From the relaxing welcome dinner, to the breathtaking ceremony to the festive Chinese traditions, the entire wedding was nothing short of spectacular.


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