Tuscany Wedding at Il Borro - Neil and Jasheen - Day 3

Tuscany Wedding at Il Borro

Neil and Jasheen's 3 day wedding in Tuscany reached its climax on the last day with a stunning formal European style wedding at IL BORRO.  The previous day was their Indian Wedding celebration.

The theme was vintage; not rustic, but elegant vintage with a color palette of white and pale blush to contrast with the riot of exotic colour of the Indian wedding.  The effect was quite striking. The weather was perfect and sunny!

Jasheen and Neil chose to get married at Il Borro because it typifies what they loved most about Tuscany.  Il Borro is an extensive estate close to Arezzo in the south of Tuscany owned by the Ferragamo family. It could be described as the ultimate luxury agriturismo comprising over 100 acres of vineyards, a winery, olive groves and the typical cypress trees of the Tuscan countryside.

There is a main villa and a number of farmhouses, luxuriously decorated. But what is most unique about Il Borro is that the estate includes a completely restored medieval village!  The village is a perfect representation of typical Tuscan architecture. On top of this, there are also tennis courts, a huge amphitheater, football field, a SPA and several restaurants.

The main villa dates back to 1848 and was built by a prince. If offers about 12 rooms.  In front it has spectacular Italian gardens with incredible views of the medieval village, a sauna, heated pool.....need we say more?

Without a doubt, this is one of the finest Tuscany wedding locations we know of!

The ceremony was a blessing ceremony outdoors overlooking the Italian Gardens and the medieval village......

In front of 200 guests, Neil and Jasheen exchanged their wedding vows under a gorgeous "open door" crowned with flowers.  The door was later used as a Photo Booth!

After aperitifs and finger food on the terrace and the Italian Gardens, a formal seated dinner was served. The meal ended with an Italian wedding cake, made in front of guests by chef AND the newly married couple.

Neil surprised his bride with a live band and a romantic first dance.   Then, after fireworks, dancing and music continued into early morning!

The event was captured by 3 great Italian wedding photographers and a British photographer:  Alessandro Ghedina, Roberto Panciatici , Mauro Pozzer, EastWestPhotography.

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