Vintage Wedding in Tuscany - Ivy and Dmitry

Vintage Wedding in Tuscany

Autumn in of our favorite seasons in our favorite region.  Ivy and Dmitry started planning their wedding in Chianti a year ago, when they contacted us regarding this Enchanted Hamlet.  This is undoubtedly one of our top wedding venues in Tuscany. 

The setting is so reflective of the region. The colours of the day were earth tones, a dramatic skyline and the rolling October landscapes.  The undisputed romance and beauty of Chianti was enjoyed by all!

Ivy and Dmitry chose a vintage theme for their destination wedding in Italy.  Every detail was carefully thought through, even for guests' outfits.  It worked perfectly with the Hamlet's setting.  The bride selected a simple but very elegant colour palette of white and green and chose to highlight the natural gifts of the countryside such as olive and rosemary.

Family and friends stayed in the hamlet's apartments and suites enjoying a welcome dinner and other special activities we arranged.

On the wedding day, the ceremony was celebrated in the panoramic gardens overlooking the Chianti hills.  Afterwards a rich aperitif hour with cocktails and Prosecco champagne was served allowing guests to mingle and enjoy their surroundings.  The highlight was the stunning horseshoe imperial table in the main courtyard of the Hamlet.......where a multi course meal was served as the sun set.  Special lighting created a magical effect!  The wedding cake was made live in front of guests.......with some assistance from the younger guests:). It was accompanied by a dessert buffet!

Finally music and dancing continued until late for a very happy celebration!  As Dmitry wrote us:  "The wedding was fantastic!"

LUCA RAJNA of PROGETTI FOTOGRAFICI.Enjoy the outstanding photos by one of Italy's great photo journalistic artists:

01 Tuscany wedding countryside
02 Tuscany wedding villa
05 Siena wedding countryside
06 Tuscany wedding hairstylist
07 Chianti wedding hairstylist
08 Chianti wedding makeup
09 Tuscany wedding shoes
10 Tuscany wedding jewelry
11 Tuscany wedding bride
12 Chianti wedding bridal bouquet
13 Tuscany wedding bouquet
14 Siena wedding bouquet
15 Tuscany wedding rings
16 Tuscany wedding menu
17 Chianti wedding villa
18 Tuscany wedding table
19 Siena wedding reception table
20 Chianti wedding music
21 Siena wedding flower girl
22 Tuscany wedding guests
23 Tuscany wedding gardens
24 Chianti wedding villa gardens
25 Chianti wedding musician
26 Chianti wedding flower girls
27 Tuscany wedding ring bearer
28 Chianti wedding ring bearer
29 Tuscany wedding groom
30 Tuscany wedding flower girls
32 Chianti wedding bride
33 Tuscany wedding blessing ceremony
34 Chianti wedding blessing ceremony
35 Siena wedding blessing ceremony
36 Siena wedding guests
37 Tuscany wedding celebrant
38 Chianti wedding celebrant
39 Chianti wedding bouquet
40 Tuscany wedding ceremony
41 Tuscany wedding kiss
42 Chianti wedding celebration
43 Tuscany wedding couple
44 Tuscany wedding photographer
45 Tuscany wedding reception pool
46 Tuscany wedding reception
47 Siena wedding reception food
48 Siena wedding reception drinks
49 Chianti wedding reception food
50 Siena wedding reception pool
51 Chianti wedding photographer
52 Tuscany wedding reception chef
53 Italian wedding photographer
54 Siena wedding reception guests
55 Tuscany wedding villa pool
56 Tuscany wedding reception villa
57 Chianti wedding table set up
58 Chianti wedding reception tables
59 Chianti wedding dinner placesetting
60 Tuscany wedding dinner tables
61 Tuscany wedding reception tables
62 Tuscany wedding reception decor
63 Chianti wedding reception
64 Chianti wedding villa
65 Chianti wedding reception guests
66 Siena wedding couple
67 Chianti wedding couple
68 Italy wedding photographer
69 Tuscany wedding villa couple
70 Siena wedding villa reception
71 Tuscany wedding outdoor reception
72 Chianti wedding outdoor reception
73 Chianti wedding villa pool
74 Siena wedding outdoor reception
75 Siena wedding celebration
76 Italian wedding favors
77 Tuscany wedding favors
78 Tuscany wedding sparklers
79 Siena wedding dinner placesettings
80 Chianti wedding villa lights
81 Chianti wedding evening reception
82 Siena wedding reception at night
83 Tuscany wedding reception at night
84 Tuscany wedding villa lights
85 Tuscany wedding reception lanterns
86 Chianti wedding couple celebrate
87 Tuscany wedding reception dessert
88 Chianti wedding reception dessert
89 Siena wedding reception dessert
90 Tuscany wedding cake
91 Tuscany wedding dance
92 Tuscany wedding couple dance
93 Chianti wedding reception sparklers
94 Siena wedding reception sparkler
95 Tuscany wedding reception sparklers
96 Chianti wedding reception dance
97 Chianti wedding celebration
98 Siena wedding celebration
99 Tuscany wedding reception couple

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