Exclusive Verona Wedding - Nour and Nassim

Exclusive Verona Wedding

Nour and Nassim’s Verona wedding  was one of our favorite weddings of the year! Celebrated in the glorious surroundings of one of the finest villas in the North of Italy – with one of the 10 most famous private Italian gardens in the country.

70+ guests flew in from Lebanon for a 3 day Italy wedding extravaganza which started with an elegant cocktail reception at a luxury 5 star villa hotel just outside Verona which the couple rented exclusively for their guests.

During the year of planning I enjoyed every minute or working with Nour and Nassim who had a very clear vision of what their wedding day should look like and yet were open to ideas and suggestions.  The end result was a very luxurious and elegant Italian wedding!

Nour's wedding palette theme was gold and white, reflected in touches everywhere from the gold rimmed glasses, to the gold silverware as well as gorgeous florals and table décor.

The ceremony was performed in the one of a kind amphitheater – with a dramatic arrival of Nour in a vintage Excalibur and then descending from the stairs while guests watched.

Aperitifs were served in the various areas of the gardens with a formal, seated dinner in the famous tree lined avenue all magically lit at night.

The cutting of the cake………well a double surprise for guests! Fire fountains AND fireworks worthy of the spectacular custom designed wedding cake with over 1000 handmade sugar roses over 1 ½ meters high!

The party continued indoors with a Venetian masquerade, music and dancing until early morning.

A wonderful ending to this glamorous Italy wedding event!

NOUR and NASSIM - Wedding in Verona (Italy) from Denis De Luca on Vimeo.

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