Great Gatsby Wedding in Verona

Great Gatsby Wedding in Verona

Jazz, jewels and geometry with sophistication and a touch of fun!  Austin and Josephine know how to Gatsby and it shines through their Gatsby-inspired Italy wedding celebration in classic style from the roaring 20s.

Josephine walks across a pristine lawn through towering cypress trees in her wedding gown sprinkled with rhinestones and sequins, matching a jeweled headpiece and pearl drop necklace.  Austin awaits dressed in an elegant dark tux while his dapper gents are topped with golf caps and pale green vests (a must!), lined up the staircase approach to the wedding altar.

The location is stunning:  our fabulous Verona luxury villa is dressed for the occasion in vintage style with abundant flowers and a design highlighting the warm summer atmosphere for this fancy party attended by good friends and family.  Parasol pictures, vintage car getaway, Venetian masks – this wedding in Verona had it all including an indoor secret garden.

Cocktails on the lawn, a swing band, Italian fizz and sophisticated finger food, then on to an amazing reception with tables of white and gold table settings centered with pearl-clad candelabras for romantic candlelight as the sun sets during dinner.

How to finish off such a Gatsby summer wedding in Verona? Why, with a three-tier custom designed, art deco wedding cake, a round of Charleston led by flappers to a ragtime tune,  and a grand fireworks display to rival Baz’s rendition - The Great Gatsby Wedding in Italy, indeed!

The amount of amazed and overwhelmed feedback from our guests confirmed our own impressions that it was officially the best party ever! Sonia and her team were fabulous, Lorenzo created simply a staggering spread that I knew he was capable of! Alessandro is worthy of his immense reputation and pulled off the most beautiful wedding we have ever been to. Fireworks, lighting, dancers to not mention our very own zingara and caricature artist were simply a fairytale.

The villa and setting - we spent a lot of time considering where in Italy we should stage our special day and fortunately we found the most beautiful venue of all. Every stage from the ceremony at the belvedere, pre aperitif around the statues of the secret garden, il viale dei cipressi, the teatro and the villa itself were utterly magical.

I have to add that these forces needed to combine with the creative energy of my beautiful wife, and her mood boards and presentations inspired a lot of the themes. 

Best,  Austin and Jo


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