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The wedding cake is an essential part of any wedding and is eagerly anticipated almost as much the bride's dress! 

 It’s not only a decoration for your celebration, a beautiful tradition and a delicious delicacy, but also the spectacular climax of an Italian wedding banquet. This means that it should not only have only amazing taste, but also look stunning.

Italian wedding cakes come in the most diverse tastes and styles: tiered, flat, decorated with fresh berries or flowers. Overall the Italian wedding cake tends to be simpler than traditional English style cakes. But it is certainly more delicious!

You might think that the tradition of a wedding cake is fairly new but the origins of this tradition date back to ancient Roman times! In the early days of the Roman Empire a bread was baked from barley or wheat flour and was broken directly over the bride's head. After this ritual the pieces of bread were passed to all the guests. This meant a symbolic sharing of happiness and fortune with all the attendees and family. Nothing was wasted and also the crumbs that remained on the head of the bride were gathered and shared!

Nowadays a simple bread will not do! The wedding cake has become a highlight of an entire wedding celebration and some couples are ready to spend considerably  in order to wow their guests.

There are various factors to consider regarding wedding cakes besides its appearance. Taste, number of guests, and the entire style…….when and how to serve it, how to decorate and finally how best to cut it in front of the guests.  

So, what are some of the most traditional Italian wedding cakes?

Italian pastry chefs are considered to be among the best in cake making. Accordingly, Italian confectionery is based on the glorious traditions of Italian masters.

Foreign couples celebrating their wedding in Italy almost always choose Italian cakes over English style ones.

If you love to experiment and try exciting new flavors, choosing a traditional cake from the region where you are getting married is a very authentic and original thing to do! Have fun with this guide and discover new cakes to incorporate in your Italy wedding celebration.


If you are planning a destination wedding in Venice or elsewhere in Veneto region, make sure to implement Fregolotta, also called Sbrisolona which is a cake made of fresh cream and nuts. Let’s not forget the famous Tiramisù that has his origins in the Veneto and is a great alternative option as a wedding cake. There is no reason why you should not have your Tiramisu’ wedding cake on your special day!


Is your dream wedding I Italy is taking place in Amalfi Coast then you should definitely try Delizia al Limone or Lemon Delight! It’s refreshing lemon flavor is simply unforgettable and the perfect ending to a rich wedding menu. The Amalfi Coast is famous for its incredible lemons which grow along the mountains and hillsides – which is where limoncello was invented. 

Lemon delight is a dessert originating from Sorrento, which later became a typical dessert of Neapolitan cuisine. It’s made with a sponge cake base, moistened with a limoncello-based syrup, layered and covered with lemon-based cream. Yum!

Another must taste dessert from this region is the outstanding Pastiera Napoletana and Baba or Rum Baba which is cake saturated in a sugar and run syrup, sometimes filled with whipped cream or pastry cream.


If you have set your heart on a Sicily wedding than you should embrace the delicious flavors of fruits, almonds and pistachios. These are typical Sicilian flavors.  One of the most traditional Sicilian wedding cakes is definitely the Cassata Siciliana. It consists of a round sponge cake moistened with fruit juices or liqueur and layered with ricotta cheese and candied fruit. Speaking of ricotta, we have to mention the Cannolo Siciliano made of tube shells of fried dough filled with rich ricotta cheese and mixed with nuts, candid fruit and chocolate. This is undoubtedly one of the most delicious dessert of all times and must be a part of your Sicilian wedding dessert buffet! Your guests will love you for it!


What about an original yet traditional, exclusive cake for your Apulia wedding? Then you should definitely try Dolce Della Sposa or The Bride’s cake also called Faldacchea. It’s typically made with cooked almond paste, sugar and cherries in syrup. It’s traditionally covered with white sugar icing, nowadays often replaced with chocolate. Over time it has been renamed as "bride's cake", because traditionally it is given as a wedding favor by the bride and groom to their guests.


The most traditional Italian wedding cakes of all might be the Millefoglie that is especially popular at Tuscany weddings. This case has numerous variations and can be presented in many styles. The ingredients are fresh and delicious. It’s composed of puff pastry layered with light as air Chantilly pastry cream blended with fresh heavy cream. The layers and topping are finished either by berries, chocolate chips or candid almond shavings. This is a low cake which usually features only one single tier, often in the shape of heart or round. It’s very popular to present this cake to your guests as a show cooking, when it’s prepared by the chef and the newlyweds in front of all the guests! This is always a sweet highlight of every Italian wedding!

Try also Panforte or  CantucciItalian almond biscuits that originated in the Tuscan city of Prato. They are twice-baked, oblong-shaped, dry, crunchy, and can be dipped in a traditional Vin Santo liquor. Both will be a perfect wedding favor for your guests!


In case you are planning an Italian wedding in Rome you might choose a famous Mimosa Cake.

Most believe it was a Roman Female Pastry Chef that invented the cake. She cut up pieces of the cake and sprinkled them on the cake’s surface in an attempt to produce the Mimosa flower.

This light and tender cake is made with spongy layers separated by custard cream, meringue crumbs or strawberries with ice cream.

A super traditional Roman delicacy is also Pangiallo! The pangiallo, better known as the Roman Pangiallo is a dessert that has its origin in ancient Rome, and It was, in fact, a custom of those times to distribute these golden sweets, during the feast of the winter, in order to favor the return of the sun.


Legend has it that one of the most stunning and colossal Italian wedding cakes ever made is definitely the one from Genova! The re-enactment of the marriage between Count Fiesco and the Sienese noblewoman Bianca de ’Bianchi is celebrated every year on the night of August 14 in Lavagna, province of Genova. The event is deeply felt and is remembered with a procession where people from six districts parade through the city and then gather on the main piazza, under the Torre dei Fieschi, where the marriage is declared and cutting of the cake begins.

The cake is actually the real protagonist of this event; a dessert of about fifteen quintals, prepared by the best pastry chefs in the city using a secret recipe of medieval origin. The cake is then distributed to all visitors.

In case you would like to go with something slightly more modest but still from the region try Gobeletti, Ciambelline di San Siro or if you’ve chosen to get married in Cinque Terre consider ordering the Torta Monterossina - a simple yet delicious dessert made up of several layers: a short crust pastry, a disk of spongecake and custard, a light layer of apricot jam and dark chocolate.


If you are wondering what to serve on your Piedmont wedding in Italy we have the perfect suggestion!

The most famous cake of this region is definitely Torta di Nocciole or Hazelnut Cake. This tempting cake contains roasted Piedmont hazelnuts, eggs, butter and may contain a small amount of locally produced cocoa or honey. It’s dry and crumbly consistency makes it ideal to be consumed with wines such as Moscato d'Asti, Barbaresco or Zabaione prepared using Moscato or Barolo.

Classical Anglo-Saxon influence

There is no doubt that Anglo-Saxon multi layered cake have had an international influence.

This popular wedding cake style made its way to Italy in the first half of the twentieth century and from the 1950s it became an indispensable option for many couples. The English style wedding cake is sleek and chic at the same time. You can decide to decorate it with marzipan flowers: orchids, roses ...

Five tiers of cake allow you to choose from many different fillings for this cake, from fruity to nutty. You can be sure that such a cake will make all the guests crave for more!

Italy Wedding cakes with fresh berries and fruit

The trend towards naturalness in decor is one of the predominant styles for Italian wedding cakes. Simple designs with a layer of berries and fruits between tiers, open cakes with mascarpone cream, uneven dabs of butter cream; playful and delicious! These multi-tiered “naked” cakes create a rustic and relaxed atmosphere at your wedding. They are also incredibly tasty because they are made from fresh and all natural, ingredients

Alternatives to a classical wedding cake for your wedding in Italy
Cupcakes, macaron cake, cake pops (biscuits on sticks) are not only original, but also an extremely convenient way to serve the cake thanks to individual portions. They are easily arranged in the most unusual, original shapes to wow your guests.

What about Cheese? Did you know that it’s very common in Italy to serve different kinds of cheeses as a dessert?

If you are planning to have an Italian-style wedding, then you should choose not just one cheese, but different varieties. Your guests will appreciate the opportunity to taste different types of Italian cheese. The best and only Italian way is to serve them accompanied by good Italian wines and liqueurs, fruits and berries and various types of honey. Your guests will remember your Italian wedding for a long time.

Bombonniere or Confetti

One of the oldest Italian wedding traditions is to gift “confetti’’ to your guests! Confetti bars are similar to candy bars and in Italy represent the bittersweet nature of the wedding. They are given in quantities of 5 or 7, deliberately an odd number, which symbolizes good luck. We simply LOVE this Italian wedding tradition, a sweet way of expressing feelings of intimacy with your guests, be they friends or family.


Let’s not forget about the perfect decoration…

A wedding in Italy always follows a certain color palette and everything follows suit: flowers included.

What could be more beautiful and more sophisticated than fresh flowers for your Italian wedding cake? Entrust the decoration of the cake to our florist who will decorate your delectable cake with stunning flowers based on the season and style of your event.

Whatever your choice of cake for your Italy wedding you can be sure that it will be both beautiful and delicious!

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