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Frequently Asked Questions about Weddings in Italy

How long have you been planning weddings in Italy?

Since 1997 – 20 years!

How many planners are part of your team?

We have 5 experienced planners plus a concierge coordinator. In addition, we have a team of 12 on site assistants throughout various regions that provide additional support to our team during events.

What is the process of hiring you as our planners?

  • Complimentary Skype call consultation – get to know us, ask questions!
  • Follow up information with final proposal will be provided
  • Venue sourcing service: our location scouting assistance
  • Venue found →contract signing→ planning begins!

What does your Venue Sourcing – Location Scouting service entail

The success of a wedding starts with finding the right venue!  Once that is done everything else falls into place. 

  • Our venue sourcing includes access to exclusive venues not listed on our website, which is by no means comprehensive!
  • Itinerary and appointments for viewing locations with our team for a day (if you decide to come to Italy)
  • The fee is credited back to the wedding planning fee once our services have been confirmed with contract and deposit
  • The venue information is very thorough and provides you with pricing, links, photos and general allowing you to narrow your selection for your visit.
  • As professional wedding planners we only recommend those venues that we know are well managed and offer above standard service. Web sites are not always a good way of evaluating a venue.

What are the two most important factors in planning a wedding in Italy?

  • Determining your budget for the wedding day
  • Choice of venue

The budget is key in determining if a destination wedding in Italy is feasable and we do not shy away with discussions about this very important topic.  Beware of agencies that are not willing to have in depth discussions on whether you can afford the wedding you dream of. 

The choice of venue will ultimately determine much of your budget as venue hire fees and catering or menu costs are associated with your choice of venue.

Our complimentary preliminary skype or phone consult gives you the opportunity to review your wedding details with our team and ask important questions related to overall costs and the best regions for the type of wedding you are planning.


Do you work with venues not listed on your web-site?

Of course! It would be impossible to list all of the venues we work with on our web site.  We have a limited selection listed and others that are available exclusively via our venue sourcing service. We are happy to work with any venue that meets our standards of quality and service.

Can I hire you to assist with a few services – I have already managed most of my wedding?

Our agency only handles the entire event. We are not “day of” coordinators. It is not possible to ensure a smooth running event unless we are involved with every aspect of the planning and can manage the vendors directly.

Why should I hire a planner vs plan my own wedding?

So you can enjoy the planning AND wedding day from beginning to end stress free, enjoying every minute.  On your wedding day you do not want to be involved in behind the scenes logistics, problem solving and the MANY details that will converge together and require full attention.

  • We chase the vendors, manage the calls and emails, request proposals and present everything to you in English
  • We know the venues: what type of management lies behind them and which meet your criteria and budget
  • We know our vendors: which catering REALLY delivers, which band can rock your party and which floral designer is going to interpret your dream 
  • We can anticipate problematic situations in advance, and find solutions to solve them.
  • We prepare you prior to your arrival to know what to expect on your wedding day down to the smallest detail so you can relax and enjoy every moment
  • We craft your vision and bring it to life!

Who will be with us on the Wedding day?

We ensure that there are enough staff to manage every aspect of your event. Based on the number of guests a planner and/or team will be assigned to be on site for your event. On your wedding day we take care of managing all vendors and making sure you are not stressed with any decisions.

Do we get a rough sketch of the final wedding day?

We are one of the few wedding planning agencies that provides an exhaustive wedding program to our couples prior to departing for Italy.  Prior to that you will receive regular updates and recaps and be kept up to date on a regular basis.  

Does your fee include co-ordination of events pre/post- wedding day?

Our fee includes the planning of pre/post events but there is an extra charge for the wedding planner’s time on site to oversee additional events outside of the wedding day (which is included). This can vary depending on what is required, number of guests and logistics of the days. 

How many days do we need to be in Italy prior to the wedding?

This varies with each citizenship and type of ceremony. For civil - US/Australians and some other nationalities must be in Italy a minimum of 4 weekdays prior to the wedding day to complete final paperwork. For British/Irish for example 2 weekdays prior is generally sufficient.  We confirm these details during the planning process.

Do you assist with all paperwork – religious and civil?

Of course, this is one of our key tasks. We will walk you through the entire process and once in Italy accompany you to civil paperwork appointments.

Will my civil wedding be legally recognized in my home country?

Absolutely yes!

Is it possible to have a civil ceremony at my location of choice?

Yes, we have civil officiants – Pastors and non-religious that can celebrate at your location of choice without having to go to a town hall. More and more locations are also obtaining permission to celebrate a civil ceremony on site.

Do you sell packages?

Everything we do is bespoke. Just as no two couples are the same, so no two weddings can be.  We create, design and plan weddings based on your vision!

How will I communicate with my planner?

We provide prompt and steady email and Skype communication throughout entire the planning stage.

“We found Distinctive Italy Weddings through a simple google search, and when we think back of the day we believe we were very lucky to have landed on your site and without knowing it at the time, we were in the safest hands that could be.

Leaving the best to last, our wedding planner, Raffaela. I got tears in my eyes every time I looked at you at the wedding. I couldn’t believe how you had managed to put all that together, with such beauty and perfection, with us being miles away from you and simply coordinating by correspondence. We were truly touched with your sincerity and exceptional service. I will never forget your calming voice in my ears saying “don’t worry” at every occasion, reassuring me that all will be fine and indeed it was not just fine, it was marvelous, and flawless! Thank you for planning our wedding with so much care, so much detail, and so much perfection. You and your team, Stephania, and the rest of the crew, came together and prepared a wonderful event, one that my guests called the wedding of the Century.. and for Dany and I, you are in fact the planner of the Century. We will always look back to this day and have you to thank for making it an incredibly remarkable and unforgettable celebration of our love. 

With much gratitude to you and the Distinctive Italy Weddings team, 

Lena and Dany – Italian Riviera Wedding