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  • destination weddings in florence
  • destination weddings in florence
  • destination weddings in florence

The splendour of Florence is no more evident than in its amazing array of churches; their interiors elaborately decorated with frescoes and stained glass windows. If your dream is to get married in a Catholic wedding in Florence, we will design an unforgettable Catholic ceremony in one of the city’s majestic churches. While there are many churches throughout the city, only a few will allow foreigners to celebrate a Catholic wedding in Florence. One of these is a stone’s throw from the Arno River and is also one of the finer Catholic venues, built in Renaissance style with its famous Sassetti Chapel containing important works by Domenico Ghirlandaio and De La Robbia.

Regarding your Catholic wedding in Florence
Advanced planning is required to marry in a Catholic church in Florence. We encourage you to plan at least six months in advance in order to adhere to the strict requirements so that all paperwork may be completed. Your wedding planner will assist you in obtaining the paperwork and we can arrange for a ceremony with Catholic and civil validity.

  • Sacred music only.
  • The ceremony will be performed by an English speaking priest.
  • The church will easily accommodate large groups but is intimate enough for smaller wedding parties.

A fitting end to your Catholic wedding in Florence would be to experience the elegance and hospitality of a Tuscan wedding reception in one of the surrounding castles, typical Florentine restaurant or private villas with panoramic views over the entire city.

Your Distinctive Italy Wedding planner will help you select the perfect venue for a marvelous wedding in Florence!

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