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  • destination weddings in florence
  • destination weddings in florence
  • destination weddings in florence
Plan your wedding in Florence; the Renaissance jewel of Italy! Surrounded by some of the world’s greatest masterpieces of art and architecture, the Jewish synagogue of Florence is one of the city’s amazing treasures. Built in 1882, it is positioned in the historic heart of Florence and boasts a Byzantine design reminiscent of ancient Constantinople’s Hagia Sophia with its golden dome. Moorish influences blend with Byzantine and Egyptian styles to create a singularly beautiful temple. It is undoubtedly Italy’s finest synagogue. Inside are spectacular mosaics, wonderful stained glass, intricately inlaid marble floors and beautiful wood carvings. The the interior lighting is mystical and very romantic. We can’t think of a finer venue for couples desiring to marry in a Florence Jewish wedding. The synagogue is attached to a museum of Jewish art and the temple is of Sephardic origin.

Regarding Jewish Weddings in the Florence Synagogue
Specific religious steps are required, including a letter from your own Orthodox rabbi stating that neither of you have been previously married and that both of you are Jewish. It is possible for the ceremony to be legally binding.

Distinctive Italy Weddings is able to arrange for Jewish weddings throughout Italy in any of the major synagogues of Rome, Trieste, Venice or Milan. Contact us for options and ideas.

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