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Weddings in Siena


  • The quintessential medieval walled citadel.
  • The colorful Palio; the world’s oldest and most famous horse race.
  • Siena’s Duomo (cathedral), one of the Gothic masterpieces of Europe.
  • Pedestrian haven - Siena is a joy to explore on foot!

Airports nearby: 1 hour from Florence, approximately 2 hours from Pisa and 2 hours 40 minutes from Rome. 
Best time to marry in Siena: April through October

The walled city of Siena is one of Tuscany’s, if not Italy’s most strikingly beautiful medieval cities and among the most sumptuous Tuscany wedding locations. Originally founded by the Etruscans, it pre-dates Rome, and the Emperor Augustus founded a town here called Saena Julia. Siena’s narrow cobbled streets are pedestrian only making the city a very friendly place to explore on foot. Wherever you look you are sure to find an artistic treasure to marvel. Most of the architecture and monuments of note were completed in the 12th century and the feel of this city is completely different from Florence. Whereas Florence is primarily a Renaissance city, Siena is purely medieval. 

You will be amazed at your first sight of the sprawling Piazza del Campo, one of Italy’s finest squares and its Palazzo Pubblico and Torre del Mangia. The Palazzo with its magnificent halls is where Siena’s civil wedding ceremonies are celebrated and it also contains the Museo Civico, a museum which houses Lorenzetti’s famous frescoes: The Allegories of Good and Bad Government. The wedding hall’s sumptuous interiors are quite ornate and richly decorated with intricate marble carvings, inlays and frescoes. We believe you will agree that the Siena wedding hall is one of Italy’s finest civil ceremony locations.

Siena is home to the Palio. It is the world’s oldest horse race; a fierce contest between Siena’s 17 contrade or quarters. The tradition dates back to 1310 and takes place in August. During the Palio there are many banquets and wonderful festivities which take place throughout the city. If you plan on visiting during this time, be sure to book early.

Siena is also the setting for one of Italy’s greatest Gothic Cathedrals. The Duomo is noted for its black and white striped marble interiors, gilded dome and ornate facade and also contains an amazing crypt that no visitor should miss. The Duomo’s inlaid marble floors took over 200 years to complete and can only be viewed in September and October due to conservation issues. Catholic weddings in Siena are possible at one of the finest churches in the city.

Your Siena wedding reception will continue in a medieval theme in one of the city’s many outstanding restaurants or nearby villas and stunning castles. A number of the local restaurants have vaulted ceilings and reflect the beauty of the city’s rich artistic heritage. Food in Siena is truly fantastic and comes in a variety of styles and tastes, ranging from the rustic to the refined Tuscan cuisine. As you can expect, this is wine country, particularly famous for the rich, deep reds of the Chianti and Montalcino areas. Siena's wedding receptions include a multi-course meal, a variety of local wines and of course a beautiful Italian wedding cake!

Distinctive Italy Weddings can arrange civil, catholic, protestant and symbolic weddings throughout Siena and Tuscany.

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