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Il Borro Relais

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The Medici dynasty, the Savoia family and now the Ferragamo family have safeguarded and preserved this precious oasis dedicated to well-being and hospitality. Il Borro is a completely unique, 700 hectares Tuscan estate, enclosing a medieval village. Guests will feel like they have been transported back to another time - where each stone and alleyway seems untouched from centuries past. 

This location in unlike any other, and is the ideal spot for an unforgettable wedding in Tuscany

Il Borro offers a series of exclusive wedding locations, both indoor and outdoor, each more unique than the last. You can choose between a 19th century villa, a Renaissance style Italian garden or an authentic medieval village with narrow cobblestone streets, the possibilities are limitless and the views are unforgettable!

Various reception options are possible, including the superlative Ferragamo Villa, an impressive amphitheatre, and the Borgo et Chateaux;  an 11th century hamlet that can accommodate 160 guests!

At Il Borro we can organize an array of activities and excursions, as well as offering top-notch facilities, such as a wellness spa center and renowned restaurants and bistros. 

Choosing Il Borro for your wedding in Tuscany means that you'll be celebrating in your own private Tuscan village.

Key Features

  • 1 hour and 15 minutes from Florence
  • Total accommodations can sleep up to 150 guests between Ferragamo villa, medieval village and luxury farmhouses/villas – some with private pool 
  • Music limit - outdoor must end by midnight – in the amphitheatre can go beyond midnight.
  • There is a church on site for religious ceremonies
  • Max capacity for receptions -  200 guests
  • Shuttle service throughout the property is available 
  • Outdoor infinity swimming pools, spa and wellness center and antique wine cellars are just some of the luxurious facilities within Il Borro
  • On-site catering from the Bistro or Osteria of Il Borro for smaller events
  • Horseback riding, cooking and yoga classes, hiking, wine tasting, mountain biking and golf at a nearby golf course

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