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OUR WEDDING WAS WONDERFUL!!!  Everything was too perfect, I was waiting for someone to wake me up.  Giovanna was fabulous!  Massimo and the videographer were great.  Andrea and his assistant Patrizia were on time and did a great job (make up & hair stylist).  It's funny how everyone was from Amalfi.  The organist did a great job.  EVERYTHING went as planned.  I was nervous leading up to the wedding day.  Everything happened like it was supposed to.  I was 15 minutes early to the church.  Fr. John wasn't ready.  I thought that was funny.  He said he wasn't used to brides being on time what more 15 minutes early. 
We were in Sorrento before Positano.  I was afraid that I wouldn't like Positano since Sorrento was awesome.  Thankfully we fell in love with Positano.  I loved how small and intimate everything and everyone was.  It was the perfect place for us. 
We would be more than happy to be on your reference/testimonial list.  Your efficiency and drive to follow-up with us comforted and re-assured us every step of the way. 
Funny thing is my luggage was lost on our way to Rome.  Thank goodness I followed your advice and hand-carried everything for my wedding day.  I finally got my luggage four days later, Monday night at 7:00 pm.  Jared was quite surprised of my coolness with the unfortunate situation.  I think the only reason I didn't lose my mind was that I had everything for my wedding day.  I refused to let the lost luggage spoil my trip.  I also love reasons to go shopping!  : ) 
Once again thank you for everything.  You made us feel that it was more than just your job.
Carolyn & Jared

Thanks for your congratulations!  We are finally catching up and thought I would send you a response to your message below.

First of all, we all felt that the wedding in Portovenere Castle was spectacular!  It is an amazing place and we both felt that we could not have chosen a more perfect spot.  Although walking up the hundreds of steps was daunting, it was well worth the effort.  Even my 83 year old mother made it to the top and was glad she did when she saw the view!  The town of Portovenere is beautiful, quaint, and charming.  The officials who completed our legal work and conducted the ceremony were helpful, warm, and friendly and they showed a sincere interest in our special event.  The flowers were beautiful, too!  We loved everything about it.  Although we worried a bit that everything would work as planned, our worries were wasted since we were well taken care of and we truly felt that we could not have asked for anything more. 

Our wedding coordinators -- you, Francesca and Loredana -- were also very efficient and responsive to all our questions and problems.  We truly appreciate everything you did for us and thank you very much for your efforts.  We would also appreciate your sending our thanks to Francesca and Loredana as well.  Since we stayed so far away from the consulate in Milan, Francesca was good enough to accompany us on the train back to our hotel so we would avoid the high cost of returning by taxi.  Your prompt, courteous responses to all of our questions and issues was greatly appreciated.

All in all, we loved everything about our wedding and thank you very much for helping us put it together.

Thanks, again.  Our wedding was fabulous and well worth the effort of having it in Italy!


Everything was wonderful, the coordinators were all wonderful.  The priests made us feel so at home, and the bed and breakfast in Verona, was more than we could have expected.  The Chef Chris prepared some of the best dishes I have ever tasted.  Thanks so much for your help.  Your calm demeanor was exactly what I needed.

Just wanted to tell you that the wedding service was perfect for us.  The coordinators at all sites were very nice, and persuasive to all of the various people that we had to deal with.  The church was simply beautiful, and both Father Romano's were so caring, and loving.  I only wish that we could have stayed longer so that we would not have been so rushed.  With school beginning that week, we had no other options
Thank You for everything.
Jeff and Becky

Thank you for your e-mail.  All of your services were perfect!
The Rome Tour was great.  They were very flexible and informative.  We all had a great time.  The couch was comfortable, the driver was nice, and the guide spoke perfect English and had a lot of interesting things to tell us. 
The Jazz band was AMAZING!  And, in the end they were flexible about having to change spots during the cocktail reception and the dinner reception.  We really, really enjoyed the band.  I wish I could have a CD of theirs. 
And the CAKE!  It was so perfect and beautiful.  Exactly what I wanted.  AND it tasted great!  I was worried when I saw how beautiful it was, that it wouldn't taste good, but it did!  
In fact, could you please send me the addresses and contact people for the Jazz Band and the Cake, as I would like to personally send them Thank You cards.

Thanks again for everything and all of your help in planning this once in a lifetime event.  Sorry it took me a while to reply, but we were in Brazil for 3 weeks for our honeymoon and since then I have just been trying to get out from under the pile of work e-mails that were waiting for me! 

Please let me know if you need anything else.  Any testimonials or anything. Seriously we were so please with the Jazz Band and the Cake. Grazie mille!

Lillian (and Daniele)

Q-Was everything as you expected (the wedding ceremony and services, location etc)?
A-Yes everything was done well and the whole thing was pulled together very quickly. It was especially helpful to have Stephanie in Italy. She was very prompt and thorough and definitely helped to make everything go very smoothly.

Q-Were our providers (your coordinators, your photographer & videographer, your flowers, etc) helpful to you? I would love to hear your suggestions
- if you have any - regarding your experiences.
A-Yes everyone was good. The Photographer and Videographer were great and very much in line with what we wanted. The flowers were good and again Stephanie was a big help there as well as she took the extra time to make sure it was OK.


Ian and I returned to Cleveland on Friday; and we are still adjusting to the travel time.  I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for creating such a fairytale wedding for my wonderful husband (I get to call him that!) and I.  Let me first say that the two women ( our onsite coordinators) were just amazing, kind, generous, intelligent and wonderful to be around. The time that was spent with them was so special.  To answer your questions….

Italy is truly a magical and romantic spot to have a wedding.  Ian and I were very lucky to have three weeks of enjoying the various places, people, history, food, culture, etc.  
I do have to admit that my favorite area was and is Florence.  The city itself is breathtaking.  It is full of love and life and I feel that any couple that chooses to marry in Florence will take with them a real life fairytale.  I was so happy to be with the synagogue and their congregation. The Rabbi, his wife, Maya, and their staff welcomed us with open hearts and we felt an instant bond. 
Maya surprised Ian and I with one of the best presents a couple could receive.  With school in session, the sanctuary was filled with children.  They presented us with flowers and pictures.  It was very hard to keep composed, because of the kindness and generosity of such young people.  They danced and sang Jewish songs in celebration of our wedding.  We also had surprised guests.  Various congregation members and tourist filled the rows and cheered when the Rabbi pronounced us and wife.     
The carriage ride was so special.  The streets were filled with people from around the world and they were chanting in their own languages congratulations.  The Italians were hailing and clapping Auguri, the French were singing, the Japanese and many others were waiving us on as we were taking our celebratory ride throughout the streets of Florence.  Cameras were snapping and Ian and I felt that the world shares a common bond when it comes to love.  We laughed because we realized that the pictures that these people were taking of us will be a part of their history and holiday.  We will be in their homes…throughout the world.  WOW!  I do not know how many individuals could say that their wedding pictures included the Statue of David.  
In regards to the planning, thank you.  I cannot tell more that your company was so important to us because, the assistance made the processes move very quickly and smooth.  I cannot express the importance of having the support.  The bureaucracy can be very painful and Ian and I never experienced and stress or panic. I felt more panic when planning this event, because of not knowing the various concerns and I know that you did everything possible to make that go smooth.  Thank you.  The spa, hairdresser, and make-up artist were wonderful.  I suggest that all couples should have a spa day prior to the wedding to relieve any anxiety or nervousness.  Your itinerary was perfect to the day, place and time.  Thank you.    Please feel free to use us as a reference.   If I can think of anything more I will be sure to contact you.  
Thank you for your time and consideration.  

Thank you sooooo much!........ 

Our time in Italy was exquisite! We would love to share our wedding planning and experience with others! I would love to answer questions if anyone is as anxious as I was.

Our wedding was beautiful! We got very lucky. For some reason, it stopped raining specifically during our 2 hour gondola ceremony, then at 7pm the storm came in! Our dinner was DELICIOUS! The service at the restaurant was AMAZING!

Our coordinator in Italy was great! The violinist was so talented and sweet, we really enjoyed his performance. 

Our photographer was wonderful…I am looking forward to seeing the finished work. I guess I wish I had been posed more like at a bridge or up against a beautiful column.

And you, we will definitely refer ANYONE AND EVERYONE to YOU! You did such an amazing job, we are forever grateful to you! We are sooooooooooo impressed with your work. We will be posting a link very soon to share some pics with you.

Thank you very much!

Marisela and Rich

We are now back on Los Angeles.

I don't know where to start....... everything was planned SO WELL. We couldn't believe it. We were expecting something to go wrong (other than us missing our morning train to Florence on Friday) and it didn't. Stefania was THE BEST. Everything was so well organized. She is a very warm, friendly person while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Your company definitely has an asset by having her as an associate. We can't think of our wedding without thoughts of her and her family. Her little sister was bubbly and adorable. We were also privileged to meet her mother who is lively and full of grace. We want to keep in touch with Stefania and hope to see her again in the future. I told her I was going to ask you for her email address because after the wedding, I didn't have anything to write it on and didn't have the capacity to remember it at that time. Please send me her email address. We want to send her a written thank-you for making our day so stress free and memorable.

The wedding hall alone was worth being married in Florence. I didn't realize it was in a castle.... I think that is important for people to know when choosing a wedding location. It sort-of adds something extra to the "room" when you know that it is in a castle, not just a city building. I don't think I can find the words to properly describe how much we loved it. 
The red interior with the gold mirrors was something of a fairy tale. Also, the official who married us was quite delightful. He insisted on having his picture taken with us. I can't wait to see all of the pictures.

The photographer walked us through town to take photos. We also went to the rowing club and took pictures by the river. Then we headed out of town and took pictures over-looking the city. When we came out of the castle/town hall, we were almost mobbed by tourists who wanted to have their pictures taken with us...... so we made them happy and posed for a few extra shots.

A couple of notes on the hotels..... We stayed in 2 different hotels in Rome. We mainly stayed in Hotel Stendhal, but when we went back to Rome the night before we left for the U.S. we stayed in a different hotel because Stendhal didn't have a room. 

I will send you some pictures when we have everything sorted. Please send me Stefania's email address. Thank you for everything. It was so well planned and everything was beyond our expectations.


Shannon and Joseph

Hi- we are back.  Lots to get done now that we are home.  Everything you did was great - Beatrice was sweet…

The Boat tour was awesome - I got great pics.  Our meal was outstanding! The cake, the flowers they had matched ours.... we had great wine..... We loved walking thru the streets and taking pics.  All the locals and tourists were looking at us and congratulating us.  They were filming us and taking pics. It was so cool.
Everything was beautiful and when we arrived it was even more so than I imagined.  The pics don't do it justice. We loved every minute of it and only regret not staying there for another day.  

Brenda and Mark

Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I did send an e-mail to Veronica, Beniamino, and Stefania. 

Anyhow I was saving the best for last. You, of course.

Drake and I had the most romantic wonderful day of our lives as of yet. We both thank you so much for all your work! You organized a dream wedding in under 3 weeks! Thank you.

The people who you had helping us were all very professional but friendly. We always felt that we were in good hands. I especially felt close to Stefania. She is such a wonderful person. Please let her know this. The location, photographer, and of the reception dinner was wonderful. 

Everything exceeded our expectations. We love our pictures the photographer was incredible. If you ever need a testimonial I will glad to assist you! You can offer any potential clients my e-mail or cell phone number. Again, thank you. You must enjoy your work, because you are an absolutely wonderful at your job. I enjoyed working with you and am so happy you called in response to my e-mail. To think I almost ended up in different hands, and I know that the outcome would, could not have been as special. Thank you.

Hilary and Drake

Many thanks for your reply regarding the date of birth and replacement certificates. 
Even though it poured with rain we both liked the Villas Lais! Unfortunately we weren’t able to get any photos in the gardens, but the inside was beautiful and all staff at the Villas Lais were very friendly. 
Beniamino was punctual, helpful and relaxed and we would recommend him. The two witnesses Francesca and Paulo were also very helpful and pleasant. 
Finally, thank you for your prompt emails and help over the last few weeks. 
We hope this helps, let us know if you would like any other information, 
Sarah and Steve

I don't know where to begin... 
First and foremost YES! Please feel free to use this email as a reference or referral for anyone considering this once in a lifetime experience!
This experience can NOT be beat!  I don't care where you name here in the Tri-State NY area, and I have been to weddings at the finest locations here... NYC, East Hampton, Greenwich CT, you name it....there is NOTHING like your own personal wedding experience in POSITANO, ITALY!!! Call me directly if you need to!! If I had to do it again, I would not hesitate to email Stefania (or any of the other wonderful associates who helped along the way). 
We were at first, most concerned with using an internet based type of wedding planner service for a wedding in another country. Naturally, anyone would feel apprehensive, so we checked it out through the Better Business Bureau and were quickly put at ease. We then were unsure about sending money to a service through the internet. PAYPAL !!! No problem....

Next, we were concerned that our wishes, the details that would make it special for us, could NOT be achieved in another country especially going alone, with no one to rely on but our wedding planner.... we essentially eloped... no family members !!! :-) EVERY DETAIL WAS MET TO PERFECTION !!! ....and then some !!! Don't forget, you’re going to Italy.... everyone is sooooo sweet!
The paperwork??? Well worth the effort needed!!!! Stefania helped us out every step of the way !!! and BEST OF ALL were the associates that were to meet us for the first time and come through for us BIGTIME in tight timeframes... with a smile !!!
I cannot say enough kind words about Bruno, Giovanna, Mauricio and Eleni's Hair & Makeup people.... THE BEST!!! ALL OF THEM!!
Even the owners of the Eden Roc... for one week... Eleni and I were family !!!  Without question, I recommend this Hotel to EVERYONE !! The owners, management, staff, waiters, waitresses, car service ... everybody made us part of the family !! When we arrived in Positano from NY, Eleni was worried about the toll of travel on her dress... in a heartbeat, upon check-in, the son of the owner said " let me call my mother, she can make sure it is not damaged and primp & prop the dress for you" .... within four hours, the dress was back in our room, hanging beautifully !!!
Stefania,.... THANK YOU... We are sooo happy to have found you and your incredible service !!!!

We hope this email finds you well?  Sorry for not responding sooner, as we’ve had a problem with our computer.  We would like to thank you very much for all the hard work and effort that you put towards our special day.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time in both Florence and Pitigliano… and our wedding day surpassed all our expectations!  
Stephania was fabulous!  She was extremely friendly, hardworking and helpful… which allowed us to relax and have fun knowing that everything was organized.  
The hotel, Il Tufo Rosa, and the restaurant, Il Castello, both come with our highest recommendation.  The restaurant planned a special wedding dinner for us and with each course the meal improved!  Your recommendation for photographer, hairdresser, and florist were perfect.  
All in all, we have to say that everyone involved with our wedding made an extra special effort to accommodate us… making our day something we will never forget for the rest of our lives!  
We are more than happy for you to use us as references on your website.  Please let us know if you require any further information or would like any pictures that we have of our trip.
Our time in Florence was great, even though it rained the whole time.  We had an opportunity to see the Duomo, the Uffizi, and also walk to many other sites.  Pitigliano and the surrounding areas were breathtaking and we are already planning to spend time there next summer!         
Thank you again for your help and assistance.  
Katie and Terry

Thank you for your note, we are back home and now just coming down to earth after our fabulous wedding weekend in Siena. 

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put in to make our special day so special. Everything was even better than we could have hoped for. The Venue is wonderful, the photo opportunities during the ceremony, up on the balcony and then in the Campo are unrivalled. The musician added an excellent touch and all our guests commented upon that, Mr Garibaldi with his patriotic sash added a final flourish. The wedding dinner was brilliant, it went on a long time, many courses and excellent wines and we were delighted to be able to share the cake with everyone else in the restaurant - I will be writing to Osteria Le Logge, with a photo or two, to thank them personally.

I am happy to act as a reference for yourself and your company should we be asked. 

If your pc has the right software you may well be able to view the attached photos which are just a few of the many we have. 

Thank you once again

John & Elaine

Hi Stefania!  Thank you for your nice message!  We had an amazing time and could not have asked for more.  Everything was perfect and the on-site assistants were wonderful!  

We would love to serve your company as references and are honored to do so!  

Everything went more smoothly than I thought it would.  Lake Orta was beautiful and romantic and the people were very nice.  I can't wait to get our pictures in the mail from the photographer - he was very nice and made every effort to take great photos!  

Thank you for all of your work - we are truly grateful! 

Kim & Jeff

Dear Michela,
Again, thanks for the good wishes. Now that I have had a couple of days to relax and reflect back on our trip, I am able to tell you all about it. First of all, we love Italy. Marcelo had been there before and that is why he wanted to take me there to see where western civilization was born! He wanted this trip to be the most wonderful time in our lives and it was!  
Everything you and your agency planned came through perfectly. The day of the wedding was my only day to relax. We had walked all over Rome seeing all the important sights. Our legs were so tired! The hair and makeup providers made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. They served me hot tea with cookies and really pampered me. I can't remember the makeup artists name, but she was very nice and made me look so beautiful. Everyone loved my hairstyle. The flowers arrived on time at the Hotel Tirreno. Ely met us at the church and helped coordinate the details with the priest and the photographer. Luca was also a big help. We had met him a few days ahead to talk about the music and details and it all worked out as planned. 
Vincenzo made the most of the bad weather and took all the photos inside the church. I loved Santa Maria d'Aroceli! Father John performed a very beautiful, touching ceremony. What made it more special is that Father Raniero was there and was able to say some nice words. It was so great to see him! 
The limo driver was so kind to take turns driving our wedding party to the reception at the Hotel Gladiatori. He even dropped off Father Raniero and his brother-in-law at the Metro. We did not want them walking in the rain and taxis were impossible to get.
The reception was very nice. They moved our party inside since it was raining, and we had the room pretty much to ourselves. Vincenzo also took some photos there. The food was delicious and we were well attended to. 
You certainly may use us at references for other couples. 
Now for the hotels and cities. Hotel Tirreno was nice and well located. The staff was very friendly and helpful. They helped us get taxis, gave us our messages, etc. The breakfast staff were so cheerful and made us feel very welcome. In Rome we saw everything- Coliseum, Pantheon; Saint Peter's where we had an audience with the pope; the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, Villa Borghese museum, Piazza Navona, Campo di Fiore, Spanish Steps, and more. I love the Forum and the Domus Areus (Nero's Palace). We saw most of the ancient, important churches. We hired a driver recommended to us by the receptionist at my mom's hotel (Bolivar), Nello, to drive us to the catacombs, Saint Paul Outside the Wall and Saint John Lateran. 
Hotel Caravaggio in Florence was very nice. Our room was beautiful and had a nice view. Again, the staff was very friendly and breakfast very nice with a big selection. We saw the Church of Savanorola, Church of Santa Maria Novella, San Lorenzo, Piazza de la Signoria, Palazzo Vecchio, Ponte Vecchio, Ufizzi, Dante's House, Michelangelo's house, The Duomo and we climbed up the bell tower. We saw the David in the Academia. That was magnificent. The David is the most beautiful sculpture I have ever seen. And, I can say that I have seen some of the best in the world!
Santa Maria in Foris in Ravenna was our favorite hotel and we wished we had stayed several days. The place is beautiful! The couple who run the hotel are very gentile and charming. The chandeliers are magnificent. Each room is beautifully decorated. Marcelo loved the breakfast and the personal attention. We saw most of the mosaics in the various churches and baptisteries. I love mosaics and this place is full of the best examples in the world. Ravenna is a nice city where you can leisurely walk around, not too many cars.
Hotel Abazzia in Venice was nice. The desk clerks were funny and helpful. I love Piazza San Marco and the Basilica. I have so many beautiful photos of the canals from the vapretto. We had cafe at the Cafe Florian and that was truly one of the most romantic spots I have ever been.
Milan was okay. It was raining too much to see a lot. We did go into the Duomo Saturday evening and attended the mass. The hotel was very close to the metro so it was easy to get around.

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre, Hotel Villa Argentina. Very nice hotel with very friendly staff and very good breakfast. Our room had a great view of the town below. We walked up and down the hill so many times! We went on the Via del Amore to Manrola. We swam in the Mediterraneo. Took the train to Monterosso where we walked around and went to the beach. Then, we hiked from Monterosso to Vernazza. That was pretty hard going up all those steps! We could have stayed there a whole week!

On our way to Siena we stopped off in Pisa to see the leaning Tower. The Best Western in La Badessa was fine. Stefania, the receptionist, was extremely helpful and so nice. It was nice to be away from the main tourist towns and see the daily life of Italians. Siena was great; we saw San Domenico, the Duomo, the bapistry and el Campo. Not enough time to see everything. We bought some very nice ceramics and met very nice shopkeepers.

Leon De Oro in Viterbo was nice. We walked to the Medieval Quarter by San Pelligrino. Again, not enough time to see it all! 

In Fumicino we walked all the way down to the pier and watched the sun set. It was a perfect ending to our wonderful trip! 

All our expectations were met. The travel agency did a great job with our hotels and we were very pleased. We would like to use them again when we go to southern Italy.

I can’t wait to see the wedding photos! 

You made this trip possible and we cannot thank you enough! Again, feel free to use us as references. 

Ciao bella!
Karen and Marcelo

Hello there! We are finally back from Italy:) Let me just say that the wedding turned out incredible! It went beyond our expectations! Everyone had a good time and were very impressed with the whole event (It was a very international crowd as we had family from Italy, Spain and Honduras and friends from England and the US). 

They all wondered how we planned such a great wedding from so far away! You and Veronica were definitely mentioned in our thank you speech! Veronica is a jewel and as always was very helpful with everything from the paperwork to the wedding day details. We were sad when she had to leave. Mr. Franco did a wonderful job with everyone's hair. There were a few pretty picky people in the bunch and even they were impressed with his work. He was so sweet! I also have to mention Father John.... he is so nice. He led us perfectly through the wedding and we both felt very comfortable with him. We were lucky enough to get together with him on 3 different occasions so we got to know him a bit better. The reception at La Loggia was great. There was so much good food! We especially liked the reception menu that was personalized for us! The duo you got for us were also very good and we would recommend that you use them again. We are both looking forward to seeing the pictures and the video. 
As always take care and I look forward to hearing back from you!


Thank you!

We had a wonderful time - everything was perfect.  The ceremony was just want we wanted - the priest and service was great!!  The music was beautiful!  The flowers and hair services were perfect.  The restaurant and food was exceptional - everyone enjoyed the wonderful meal.  Florence is a beautiful city.  Thank you for making it all possible!
Thank you!
Carrie & Thad

I am so sorry for the delay in writing you.  It has taken a while to readjust to the States and we have been busy.  Mi scusa...  :)
Our experience- where do I begin?  Everything exceeded our expectations tenfold.  It was a dream come true, absolutely wonderful!  I honestly can't think of one thing that could have made it better.  And Amalfi and it's coast are gorgeous!

Let's see.  I should start by saying that the priest, Don Colavolpe, was such a sweet man.  He had a smile on his face and a kind word to say each time we saw him.  Our translator, Rafaello, was just as kind, and so helpful.  He did an excellent job as translator!  He also made sure that we had his cell number in case we needed anything or were unable to reach Giovanna.  Giovanna- she was wonderful!  She has such a calming manner and took charge of the event without making a huge presence.  She blended in so well and was so friendly.  The flowers were perfect; we had so many compliments from guests at the wedding and friends looking at the pictures when we got back home.  The organist was lovely, and our photographer and videographer were very nice and seemed happy to be there.  We can't wait to see the photos and the video!  Everyone that we came into contact with for our wedding was so friendly!

The ceremony went better than expected; I assumed that it would be awkward because it was being translated into English.  Looking back, I think that it enhanced the experience because after all, we were in Italy, right?  And your language is so beautiful...  
The cathedral in Amalfi is amazing, just as beautiful as I remembered and so impressive to those who had never seen it.  It was even more amazing on our wedding day, with the main doors open and all the chandeliers lighted.  I couldn't have been happier.  Like I said, it really was a dream come true.  

It did rain on our wedding day, but thankfully, it stopped on our way to the church.  We received many good wishes ("auguri") from the locals on our way to the cathedral.  They were all smiles as well.  The rain clouds cleared in time for pictures by the ocean and for our guests to get to the restaurant for the reception.  Eolo Ristorante was the perfect choice for the size of our party and the view from the balcony was absolutely breathtaking!  Everyone was so happy to be there.  The food was delicious, the wedding cake even more so, and the wait staff could not have been better.  It was truly a perfect evening.

After all these months of planning, we still can't believe that it's over.  We cannot wait to return and plan on visiting next summer!  Thank you so much for all of your efforts.  Our wedding day went perfectly because of your planning and expertise.  Like I've said before, we couldn't have done it without you!  We would love to be listed as a reference for you and your company.  

As for Michael and I, we are getting back into the swing of things here.  He has been back to work for a while now, and I will start setting up my classroom next week.  I can't believe that the summer is almost over!  It went by so fast.  Just so you know, we traveled in Italy quite a bit for our honeymoon, since Michael had never been there.  We both agree, though, that Amalfi was our favorite, with the Tuscany region and Assisi coming in second.  :)  We love your country.  We were wondering, do Italians realize how lucky they are to get to live in such a beautiful place?  We can't help but be a bit jealous of you all.  I hope to stay in touch!

Rachael & Michael 

Introducing Mr and Mrs Hay.

I will reply to your email in full at a later day. We thought you might want to see us in person.

We had the most perfect day.

Enjoy the photo.

Speak with you soon.


We are finally back into our Australian life here in Sydney and we are back as husband and wife (we finally got there, Yeah!!!).
Thank-you for all your assistance and putting up with all our last minute requests. We actually thought things weren't going to work out and Las Vegas was a second option (I’m glad we didn't have to do that).

Our Wedding Day in Siena was so special and memorable; I couldn't imagine getting married anywhere else in the world. It was so magical for us and I will never forgot our special day.
You can absolutely put us down as references for any other couples interested to get married in Siena.
We would also like to take this opportunity to let you know how much of an asset Stefania is to you. She was absolutely amazing with helping us and making us feel welcome. We feel that she was not an assistant to us, but a friend. We are so glad Stafania was there to assist us as she made even the mundane paperwork seem fun. Please pass on our warm thanks to Stafania, we would be happy to recommend her services to any other English speaking couples who cannot speak Italian.
Please find attached 2 wedding photos of our day.
We look forward to using you again when we renew our vows in Siena in 10 years time.
Thanking you again
Suzana & Mark


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