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Sorry we have taken so long to get back to you with the recommendation. We are now moving house soon, so are now very busy sorting all that out!

Our wedding was fantastic! Everything went so smoothly, we did not have to worry about a thing. The Wedding Hall in Taormina was lovely - much nicer than we expected. Our contact in Sicily - Roberta - was lovely, really caring and interested in our wedding. The wedding ceremony itself was a real highlight of the day. The translator and the deputy mayor who conducted the ceremony really put us at our ease and included lots of personal touches in the service such as lots of compliments about our guests!

Taormina itself was such an amazing venue to get married. Having a small intimate wedding with only 25 guests meant that we were able to spend time with everyone and really enjoy the day. We even managed to get a couple of hours alone in the evening! We had a big party with all our friends and family when we got back and spent the whole next day saying how glad we were that that was not the real wedding! What we had was so special. All our guests said that they were so glad we invited them.

Please feel free to use our names as references.

Love from Mr. and Mrs. Lyford xxxx

Thank you so much for a wonderful wedding, everything went off without any problems.  
The photographer did a great job, our photos were awesome.  
Thanks again for being there to sort things out with everything going on that week.  Like I said, everything was fabulous…

Here are my few paragraphs on my experiences with the wedding...  If you would like me to talk about anything else, please let me know and I would be glad to add more!
My experience was absolutely magnificent!  I had the wedding that I had always dreamed about... with absolutely no work on my part.  My event coordinator handled everything with the charm and grace Italians are known for.  Every detail was attended to and every concern of mine was answered.  I had not been to Florence in eight years and did not even need to in order to plan the wedding.  All recommendations made by Martina were brilliant, stylish, and extremely elegant.  Her assistant, Veronica, aided my parents in viewing some of the options in Florence while they were on a vacation and they were captivated by her as well.  Veronica was also a huge help during the wedding week.  We really felt like she was a part of our special day!
My husband and I were amazed by the quality of all of the services provided to us while in Florence.  Our wine tour was a wonderful thing for us to share with our guests in Italy and will be remembered for years to come.  They exceeded any and all of expectations!  The florist provided us with fresh, stylish, and brilliantly colored flowers for our wedding.  We could not have asked for more!  My hairdresser was a lovely man and extremely talented.  I could have never looked half as good without him!  And the Villa Cora...  The hotel staff was gracious and extremely professional.  The food, service, and accommodations were perfect and I hope my husband and I will visit them on our anniversary. You have certainly surrounded yourself with some of the greatest professionals that I have ever encountered and we thank her very much!!!  If I ever have another event to plan in Italy, I will certainly look to your company for help.  And I encourage anyone else to do the same!

I just got a minute to check my email... we are in Portugal, on our last week of the honeymoon... I can not write for long, but wanted to tell you that the wedding was beyond anything I had ever imagined.  I will write more details when i get home... I just wanted to thank you first and foremost, so that you know we are very pleased with the entire experience.  I cannot wait to see the photos.  I intended to purchase a leather photo album while in Rome, but never got the chance, so I wanted to talk to you about that to... but later.  We will be home on the 19th, so I will write more then. 

But so you know, it was a dream wedding.. I cannot believe we did it... better yet, you did it... thank you... will write again soon..

Big hugs, Katrin

Follow up email...
Hello... how do I thank you for arranging for the fairy tale wedding?  I don't think I can find the words.  It was beyond anything we had ever imagined.  The Orsini Castle was straight our of a fairy tale princess story.  The Abbey at Farfa was incredibly beautiful.  Everyone was very professional and helpful.  It was the most beautiful and unique wedding I have ever know of.  
Silvia, from the Castle, was very helpful, kind and most accommodating.  She went out of her way to ensure our happiness and satisfaction.  The Castle was amazingly authentic and true to its nature, yet warm, inviting and surreal.  The reception hall was just perfect for our needs.  Our Imperial dinner table was impeccably arranged, the service was very professional and perfect in terms of etiquette, and the food...  it was prepared perfectly and was so very delicious.
The Abbey was also a very special place.  It was farther than we had thought it would be, and our bus driver was lost for a little while getting there, but it worked out.  I had no idea the Farfa was a little town of its own, and what a lovely little country town.  We took many photos there, and i can't wait to see them.  Fr. John is wonderful.  He made the ceremony so much more special.  It was a great idea to exchange e-mails with him and establish a bit of history together.  
Gemma, our hairdresser, and her assistant were also wonderful.  They arrived promptly as scheduled, and were very patient and accommodating as we determined the hairstyle for the wedding day.   Gemma does beautiful work.   I was very pleased with her talent and abilities.
Our onsite coordinator was also very professional and helpful.  It was good to have her there to make sure everything was in order.
The photographer and videographer were also very professional.  They seemed to know what they were doing and were also very accommodating.  I guess I will know how I really feel about their service after I get to see the photos and the videos... I'm crossing my fingers, and will keep you posted.
My bouquet was very lovely.  I did think all the bouquets were smaller than I had anticipated, but that could be because of the difference in what we're used to here and how they are prepared for Italian weddings.  
Our piano player/singer was really wonderful.  He was very talented, and was able to sing American songs perfectly.  He was very friendly, and we really enjoyed him.  I was a bit nervous about how it would work out, but everyone was noticing how talented he is.  I wish I remembered his name...  would you be able to get his name for me?
Truly, considering all the things that could have gone wrong, and all the unknowns from my perspective, this really was an amazing wedding day.  I'm still crossing my fingers for the photos and the video, as the last piece of this day.   
You did an amazing job pulling things together.  I tend to be a perfectionist at times, and it's not always easy to please me, especially regarding matters so sentimental, but you blew me and the rest of my family away with it.  This was a wedding that will go down in all of our history books.. we'll talk about it for many years to come, and always have such wonderful memories of the Fairytale wedding at the beautiful Italian countryside.  
John and I would be very happy to be on your references list.    
I look forward to hearing from you, and again, from the bottom of our hearts... THANK YOU!

Thank you very much for all your hard work on planning our wedding.  I’m so glad that we chose Italy – I can’t imagine a more beautiful destination.  The weather was wonderful and Rome and Tuscany were breathtaking!!  Our only complaint with Rome is that there was so much to see that we got blisters from all the walking!
The hairdresser and make-up artists were wonderful.  They were exceptionally nice people and took very good care of me.  I was very pleased with my hair and make-up.  I’ll send you some photos when we get them because Mauro really did make my hair look amazing.
The room we were staying in at the Hotel Mozart was smaller than I would have expected but the customer service was great.  The bouquet designed by the florist was beautiful and it even arrived early to the hotel.  
The wedding hall was beautiful.  I don’t remember a lot about it because I was totally focused on what the official was saying to us!  The musician played a beautiful version of “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square” – it almost made me cry but my make-up artist had told me that whatever happened I was not to ruin her make-up! I was glad that I was able to thank him at the end of the ceremony.
The restaurant was amazing and the food was delicious – although 4 courses was far too much food for us.  Phil and I had been nervous all morning and, of course, we didn’t have much of an appetite.  I don’t think that English people are used to eating that amount of food at lunchtime and that 3 courses would have been easier on everyone!  We sat outside to eat and I can’t imagine a more gorgeous restaurant.  We went down into the cellar after the meal to look at their wine collection – it was very impressive.
We are happy for you to use us as references.
Best regards and thank you again!
Catherine & Phil

Many thanks for your e-mail - we just arrived back from our honeymoon two days ago now, and things have been very busy just trying to sort out all the mess and catching up with all of our friends and family again. 
We will have a chance to contact you properly later this week, I would hope, to talk through our experiences from the wedding - although you should know now that we thought everything was absolutely fantastic! 
We had a lovely time out in Italy, we followed the wedding with 3 days in Rome and then 10 days on the North coast of Sardinia. It was superb. 
We are really looking forward to seeing the official photos from the wedding now. 
I look forward to hearing from you soon. We will be in touch ourselves in the next few days anyway. 

Many thanks 

Richard and Nicky

Yes, we are now back from our wedding and travels through Europe. Everything was wonderful. As for the wedding itself, it went off without a hitch! Stefania was a great help in Florence and the day of the wedding. All the guests had a great time and the meal at the restaurant was a highlight. I'll be putting together a collection of the best photos from all our guests to share online and we'll be sure to include you on the email list. Thank you again for all your help. And yes, that is the correct address for the shipping of the album.

Thank you.

Have a good day, and I'll talk to you soon-Neil

Overall the trip was wonderful.  We will definitely be going back.  Italy was most beautiful with each town having its own style.  Amalfi was by far our favorite place, and not just because we got married there!  The people were the friendliest of all the places we went.  
Our on site coordinator in Rome was very helpful and without her we could not have gotten the marriage documents in order.  The photographer was wonderful!!  He took us on a private tour while taking pictures!!  He also said that I should ask you when I will be receiving the photos - we are having a party here to celebrate our marriage 25 June and it would be great if we had the professional photos he took!
The translator/on site coordinator in Amalfi was also most helpful and I felt as if she was really happy for us.  I highly recommend her and the photographer! I really feel we made the best choice for the wedding location - as it was the most beautiful and as I said, the people were great!
Of all the drivers we had, the gentleman who drove us to the golf excursion was by far the best. 
Our cooking lesson with Silvia was wonderful too.  She took us on a tour of the Central Market that John liked so much he went back to 3 days in a row for fresh food!  She was very professional and courteous - fantastic!!
We are extremely happy with the entire trip and would be happy to act as references.  I think one thing people who wish to take a trip like this need to realize is that not everything will go off perfectly - there are too many variables.  But all of the people you hired did everything they could to help us and make this a wonderful trip!  We would definitely do this again!  
Thanks so much!

Many thanks for your e-mail.  It is my first day back at work today!
We both want to thank you so much for organizing the wedding, it was even better than we expected.  We are both very happy.
Artimino was fantastic.  The guys at the hotel were so helpful and friendly.  We fell in love with the place.  Even our guests are planning to go back to visit.  Both the hotel and the apartments were excellent.  Biagio Pignatta was an amazing restaurant.  The food was fantastic and the views and decoration excellent.  It could not have been better.
The wedding service was even longer than we expected (we had a full mass even though I am not confirmed) which was very good and the Priest made the service very interesting.
The photographer, hairdresser, organist, florist did amazing jobs and Stefania were great.  They all helped make our day.  You have answered the question I had about the certificates.  Do you know how long it takes for the photos?
We were amazed at how easy the wedding day was for us.  Everything stressful was taken out of our hands.  It was perfect.
I am more than happy for you to use my e-mail address, it would be better if you used my personal one as a reference which is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; I have nothing but good things to say :-)
Again thank you so much for everything, it really was perfect.


What a glorious wedding we had. Kev and I are still bouncing around from jet lag and giddiness.
I must add, and say that the 2 Italian wedding helpers (Daniela and Anna) were AMAZING. They were such nice people and so competent -- the whole day just sang!

     Thanks so much --
     We appreciate your help and look forward to seeing the rest of our photos,


I just wanted to thank you personally for helping us with our special day.  As I am sure you heard from Susan, everything went wonderfully!   Anna and Daniela couldn't have been nicer.  Great photographer and videographer as well.  We can't wait to see the pictures!



Sorry I have been slow in getting back to you. We are having a reception here so I've been busy with that and trying to get caught up at work.

Everything went perfectly. The location was beautiful and the people of Positano were amazing. We told our limo driver that we wanted pictures on a scooter. He pulled over talked to a guy for a few minutes and before we knew it there was a scooter! They did such a good job at Buca di Bacco. The food at the reception was amazing - especially the cake.

All of the providers were very great. Bruno in Naples and Giovanna in Positano was both extremely helpful. I couldn't imagine doing it on our own. My flowers turned out perfectly and the musicians did a great job as well. I'm so glad we decided to have musicians at the wedding. 

We have no problem acting as references.



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