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Helen and Darren

Hi Junko,

Thank you for the congratulations, and a huge thank you for all your hard work as our wedding planner. You were excellent throughout!

Our wedding day was so special and beautiful - we enjoyed every minute of it, as did all the guests, who were very complementary about many aspects. Many said it was the best wedding that they had been to (and some have been to some very high-profile weddings).

Here are some thoughts and impressions:

Pre-Wedding Party

This went really well – everyone really enjoyed the food and the wines. It was a great way to break the ice and get different groups mingling.

Joost and his team were excellent. He even laid on some mini deserts which were also delicious, especially the crème brulee!

We would definitely come back here for other parties or even as a smaller group, or just the two of us.


Such a beautiful place – such spectacular views and idyllic setting, with beautiful architecture and gardens. It has a lovely, relaxing feel to it.

Small enough to allow lots of impromptu meet-ups in the many cafes and bars on the waterfront – it was great fun being there for an extended stay with our wedding guests.

Great range of accommodation for guests – a lot of our guests rented apartments/houses which worked out well for them as they were staying in family/friendship groups.

The Hotel du Lac is fantastic – we loved staying there. It’s so quiet and relaxing with great views. The staff are so friendly as well. We had a great suite/room with a large terrace. My parents and my brother and his family also stayed here, they also throught it was fabulous.

Villa Cipressi

Excellent – from the staff to the food to the back-drop – we cannot fault this venue.

David the manager was very friendly and easy to work with, also very calm and collected.

The food – everyone loved the food, it was delicious – an excellent and plentiful aperitivo buffet, and then the multi-course dinner which was fantastic.

The wine – this was also very high quality, and everyone enjoyed it a lot. We did have some reservations at the menu tasting in April, but I think it was because we had the tasting at midday, and had not eaten anything before-hand. It might be better to start the wine tasting after some of the food?

We loved the ceremony location, in a very nice shaded area right by the lake.

All the staff were lovely – very professional yet friendly – they got the balance just right.

The Wedding

Beautiful - The mayor was very good, he struck the right level of seriousness. We really appreciated the book and the scroll that he presented to us as a memento of the ceremony.

On-Site Co-ordinator - Angela was super – very calm and collected, as well as being friendly. Angela did a great job at translating during the ceremony and injected a sense of light-heartedness to the proceedings which we really appreciated. Everything ran very smoothly. She even popped into a shop on the way to the boat to buy some water for the kids who were getting really thirsty as it was such a warm day.


Hair – Pamela was great, very patient and excellent at up-dos. She was very accommodating when I changed my mind (this was completely my fault as she gave me plenty of opportunity to say so at the time!). On the day she was very calm, professional and friendly – I was very pleased with my hair.

Makeup – Again, Veronica was great – I loved my wedding makeup, it was exactly what I had asked for, classic and natural yet still polished. She was also really friendly and even put a bit of lip gloss on my little bridesmaids.

Flowers – Beautiful flowers –  I loved my bouquet, which also had a wonderful scent from the freesias. It was a bit of a shame that none of the agapanthus had opened before the wedding, but it didn’t detract from the overall look. The table flowers and other arrangements were also beautiful. However, the flowers were delivered pretty late, as we understand they missed their boat, so this a bit rushed.

Musicians – Wow – excellent – they really enhanced the overall feel and emotion of the wedding.

Photographer – Dani and Stefano were both first-class – very good at knowing where the best spots to take photos were, also very calm and friendly. We have seen a few of the photos which Dani has posted on Facebook, which we love. We are looking very much forward to seeing the rest! Do you know when we can expect to receive these? Dani offered download or memory-stick, and I chose memory stick, so she will need our address - I think she was going to get this from you.

Boat Ride – This was great fun, everyone really enjoyed the boat ride.

Favours – Looked great and were delicious, although the ribbons weren’t silver as requested, but were gold/champagne.

Lavandaria Silver – Thank you for recommending them – they did a great job with my dress, and were very flexible, which I greatly appreciated.

We would rate DIW very highly:

  • Quality of Service: 5
  • Responsiveness: 5
  • Professionalism: 5
  • Value: 5
  • Flexibility: 5

Very best wishes, Helen and Darren.

Rebecca and Gavin


We had the most wonderful wedding anyone could ever ask for. It was a dream come true. Thanks so much for making it possible - we were very happy with everything, in particular the attention to detail in planning by DIW. We would of course be happy to recommend you to other prospective clients. You may use our email address and happy to be a reference.

On a scale of 1 to 5:

  • Quality of Service - 5
  • Responsiveness - 5
  • Professionalism - 5
  • Value - 5
  • Flexibility - 5

Thanks again to Sarah for especially being attentive and quick to respond. It was a real pleasure to work with you.

Best regards, Rebecca.

Rhiannon and Iain

It was amazing and I will respond to this in detail when I'm home.

Bonnie and Rita were AMAZING! Every time I needed something they just knew and were magically there! You guys rock seriously! Rita was brilliant during the ceremony she even handed me a tissue at one point!

You are wonderful and I can't thank you enough.

Giorgio the photographer was absolutely hilarious I loved him so much!

All of this was amazing.  The music was perfect, the string arrangements of our rather obscure choices was perfect.  The music was not the usual thing and it worked better than I could have ever imagined.  The circus blew my mind they were fantastic.  The fireworks as well were brilliant so spectacular!  The cake moment was brilliant so not what I was expecting it was so dramatic and brilliant and for the lights to go down and the music start before the fireworks literally brought me to tears it was stunning.  I am stage manager and cue shows for a living and that was perfectly timed.

I would really like it if you could let the florist know that the  flowers were the most stunning I have ever seen.  They were so beautiful the aisle and the arch let alone the bouquets and buttons they were gorgeous please tell her thank you thank you thank you.

The food was amazing!  The cake blew me away I did not expect it to be that big it looked fantastic better than I could ever have imagined!  One of my favourite moments it also tasted amazing!

Thank you again you were amazing and the wedding was amazing!  

Much love and thanks.

Leslie and John

Thank you Rosanna and Stefania and Simona,

We could not have done it without all of you. Everything was so perfect and nothing went wrong.

I appreciate all the professionalism and care you put into our wedding.

We are so happy to have had you organize it.

Thanks again!

Lesly and John.

Janelle and Chris - Villa Cimbrone wedding in Ravello

Hi Stefania

 Wow wow wow. What an incredible wedding. Thank you so much for all of your help and patience the past year to pull of a magical event. It was truly spectacular. 

 Everything was perfect and we couldn't have done it without you. 

 We will complete that survey email this weekend but I wanted to personally reach out to say what a night!!! What a great couple of nights even the welcome drinks were superb. 

 The staff at Cimbrone were amazing. We will be back for sure. 

 Home in london and it's really a struggle to get back into the groove after such a massive high with family and friends for 2 weeks. I think I have post wedding and holiday blues ha. 

 Thank you again for all of your support. You're incredible. 

 Love Janelle xx  

Louisa and Steven - Jewish Wedding in Rome

Hi Rosanna!

Sorry for the slow response, we turned emails off the second we got to Tuscany. We’ve just got home though and heading back to reality on Monday… L

Thank you for your kind words, we loved working with you too! It really was such a seamless and stress-free process and we couldn’t have done it without you. You have been an absolute star!

The wedding was beyond our wildest expectations. It’s hard to properly articulate our thoughts but what we will say is that it was genuinely a perfect day (the skies even cleared for photos!)

Food and flowers were impeccable and the photography / videography were fantastic too. We were thrilled and can’t wait to see the results.

We would absolutely endorse DIW and would be very happy to act as future referees.

All the best,

Louisa & Steven

 And from the Mother of the Bride:

Dear Rosanna and your wonderful team,

I just want to thank you all for helping to make the wedding the most memorable day. Everything went according to plan and could not have wished for a better day.

Thank you for making the planning stages, along with Louisa and Steven, as stress free as was possible, I know they enjoyed working closely with you.

I wish you all well and every success in your future events.

With all best wishes


Parneet and Ajay - 3 day Indian wedding in Tuscany

Dearest Raffaela, Stefania and Rosanna,

 Thank you “Team DIW” for helping us arrange our dream wedding in Tuscany! You made our special day sooo perfect, even better than we could have imagined! Thank you for making the task go as smooth as possible, we couldn’t have done it without you!

 Best wises from Mr and Mrs. Sud

Carmen and Steve - Wedding in Tuscany

Thank you Rosanna & Raffaela,
Sorry it took a while for my reply - we stayed in Sardegna for a couple days after the wedding and I am only now starting to get back into the regular schedule (replying to emails etc..)!
We had such an amazing time - the many months of planning and organizing showed for our result! Steve and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome, especially given the weather, which none of us could control! I know we made the right choice with DIW, as well as the venue of Gargonza. I never thought we would be stuck with everything as the "Plan B" but it still turned out so well. It's funny, because people always tell you through the planning process that "no matter how well you plan something will go wrong, so try your best not to worry about all the little details." This is great advice and I definitely worked to be carefree (as much as possible!), but other than the weather, absolutely nothing went wrong. Which is incredible in itself - I even got the most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen

> the flowers were beyond what I'd imagined - Nadia did such beautiful arrangements, they were absolutely perfect. Comments on my bouquet included "the most beautiful bouquet I've ever seen" and many compliments from ladies with experience in floral arranging (my advice to others in the future [and my past self] would be to select your colours, maybe your preferred flower types - but the florist is the professional, they'll make it great without needing to be micro-managed!)
> the cake and cake cutting - the cake was exceptionally beautiful. I had not worried about this too much, though was interested in something that was at least consistent with the atmosphere and our style, but overall was blown away by the end result. The last-minute decisions for the cake cutting also turned out so well, the lighting was beautiful and even the moon shone through - perfection!
> the food and service at the restaurant was fantastic.
Everyone at Gargonza was amazing, the service was excellent, everyone liked their rooms (cleanliness), the food was great, and the venue in good order.
I have to thank Raffaela so much for all her work [and patience through mini freak-outs] with me; and Antonella and Giada for everything they assisted with onsite; the last minute advice and suggestions were all exactly what needed to be done and they made sure it all happened without a hitch. Despite absolutely terrible weather, it was perfect!
I would be happy to provide a reference for DIW in the future; you made the whole process seamless (which was the point after all!) and took a huge complicated thing and turned it into many small decisions, made over time that were manageable and simplified - thank you!
Thank you so much again! I can't express how grateful we are for everything that the entire DIW crew did for us.

Carmen & Steve

Sara and Manaf - Wedding in Lake Como

Hi Rosanna,

 Thank you so much!!! Sara and I couldn't be happier with the way the wedding turned out - EVERYTHING was exactly as we had hoped/wished for it to be, and you guys are the reason why, so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you :)

 There really wasn't a single thing we would have done differently. Here's our feedback on each of the points you mentioned:

  • The villa was as beautiful as we'd planned for it to be (flower set up, table/chair set up, light set up, etc). The one thing people kept saying was "your wedding was the most beautiful one we've ever been to. It was a fairy tale wedding". I can't tell you how many great photos and videos people took!
  • The DJ did a fantastic job with the music. We were running at least 45 min - 1 hour behind schedule, which means he couldn't play more than 50% of what we sent. But what he ended up selecting for the English music was just perfect. He played the crowd so well and for that reason all of the guests really enjoyed what they heard. He was also a really nice guy so that was an added bonus :)
  • The food was as delicious, if not more, than it was on the day we went for the tasting. People couldn't stop talking about how good ALL OF IT was. Especially the cake! You were 100% correct in saying that the risotto was killer. Two weeks after the wedding people are still talking about it!
  • The wait staff were awesome and remained professional all throughout the event. 
  • The photographers and videographer were an absolute pleasure to work with. We spent so much time with them on the wedding day that by the end of it it felt as though we were saying goodbye to new good friends. They will definitely be missed.
  • Sara and the rest of the ladies had great feedback on Margaret (the makeup artist). Even though she couldn't speak much English she still managed to prep people in a way that made everyone look beautiful. 
  • The hair stylist (Pamela) did a good job with fixing up the ladies' hair…..

HATS OFF TO EVERYONE! We're gona miss planning our wedding with you guys and every other person involved in the planning process.

 Best regards,

Manaf and Sara

Genane and Ziad - Ravello wedding

Not sure if my review would do any justice to DIW…but I will try...
It all started 8 months prior to the wedding day where we contacted DIW and fell in like with Bonnie and Luca while meeting them in magical Ravello during a windy day in March. 
I confess that I was not the easiest to deal with during the months that preceded the wedding.  Those who know me well know my keen eye to details and my desire for perfectionism. Thankfully Bonnie was very patient with me and proved to be the most amazing planner a bride can have.
During our three-day wedding – the DIW team went above and beyond with their attentiveness, with their excellent service and most importantly with their genuine love. 
Everything turned out exactly like how we brainstormed it with DIW during the 8 months period preceding the wedding. Starting with our well-organized civil ceremony in the Belvedere Principessa di Piemonte to the charming welcoming aperitivo in Ravello’s square, to the pious church ceremony in St. Francis, to our stunning wedding celebrations in Villa Cimbrone and lastly to our farewell brunch in Cimbrone. 
Everything in our opinion was flawless and magical. It surely would not have been the case if Bonnie and Lucca were not accompanying us every minute of the day during the wedding weekend.
I remember walking down the isle and looking at all the flower arrangements around the benches while listening to the violinist in the background and thinking how amazing are our planners turned out to be.  
Ziad and I are thankful that we decided to go with DIW.  The team is amazingly professional, prompt, assuring, friendly and most importantly loving.  We highly recommend DIW to work with.
Lots of love, 
Genane & Ziad

Angela and Bryan - Venice Wedding

Distinctive Italy Weddings was the best choice we made for our wedding day.  I will start from the beginning; my now husband and I did a lot of “homework” before deciding on a company to use for one of the most important days of our lives. We talked to several companies and no company compared to DIW. Rosanna and Stefania were amazing to work with, very quick to respond (considering the time change) and always happy to help.  We had the most incredible day because of them.  

The planning was very easy and once we got to Venice and the big day arrived, everything was perfect and smooth. Stefania was early and ready to help us in whatever way possible.  DIW’s recommendations for vendors were also outstanding.  Yasmin did my hair and makeup (with no trial run) better than I could have ever imagined and her attention to detail is incredible. We are a very “cheesy couple” and they both helped us stay separate (in the same suite) without seeing one another before the ceremony. Stefania exchanged our letters and Luca, our amazing photographer, made sure to capture each special moment of us getting ready, reading our letters and making sure that every special detail was on film.

Of course when you get married in Venice, you have to head to San Marco square for photos and a gondola ride and DIW made that happen without a single flaw.  Everything about our day was perfect. Everyone we worked with was remarkable and we highly would recommend all of them to anyone who ever wanted to get married in Italy. 

We would love to answer any questions that anyone has about our experience with DIW about our wedding planning and experience.


Angela & Bryan

Photo by Luca Rajna -

Wedding in Florence - Justine and Simon


Today is the first day back in the office, so apologies for the delay in responding to this email. 

Simon & I can’t thank you & Bonnie enough for the most magical wedding weekend ever! From start to finish, we loved every moment. 

Without question we would rate you as a 5 for each of the below. If I could choose 6 I would! 

•    Quality of Service 
•    Responsiveness 
•    Professionalism 
•    Value 
•    Flexibility

The reason we didn’t want to  marry in the UK, was because I didn’t want to feel like a manufactured ‘sausage’ , and that is how the UK wedding venues made me feel! From start to finish, it has been such a pleasure working with you both. 
It had always been my dream to marry in Italy, and thank you for making dreams come true!

I know the Villa caters for many weddings, however all the staff made us feel special for the entire weekend. As you know our decision to marry in Florence was decided by the beautiful synagogue. Rabbi Levi, exceeded our expectations on the day, and he arrived with a big smile & sense of humour! The service was beautiful and our guests totally blown away with the synagogue. The service was for me the most important part, and I feel honoured and blessed to have been married in such a special place.

The flowers exceeded expectation on every level,  truly beautiful. 

I am so grateful to Bonnie & Luca and I will miss the daily emails & planning.  The entire weekend ran to perfection, with their true professionalism and expertise.  Nothing was ever a problem, and I never wanted to be a Bridezilla!!! 
We feel very lucky to have worked with Bonnie, she was amazing!

Our Villa exceeded expectation on every level. The food & wine  was outstanding, something which was so important to me. 

Everything was truly perfect! 

Without hesitation we would act as a possible reference for couples considering your services.

With Kind Regards 
& Truly heartfelt Thank You’s

Justine and Simon

Victoria and Josh - Wedding in Tuscany

Hi Raffaela,

Thank you so much and thanks to Antonella too - she was amazing! Victoria is so grateful for all her help, she was so kind, generous and helpful! We are very grateful to have Distinctive Italy plan our wedding for us. It really would have been impossible to have done it ourselves. Also the Relais is AMAZING!!!!! We are planning on going back there next year for our anniversary.

Thank you for the picture it is beautiful - INCREDIBLE!!

·         Quality of Service - 5
·         Responsiveness - 5
·         Professionalism - 5
·         Value - 5
·         Flexibility - 5

We would love to be a reference couple for Distinctive Italy. Also if you are wanting to use our wedding pictures on your blog we would love that.

Thank you so so much again!!!

Victoria and Josh

Natalie and Barry - Wedding in Tuscany

Trying to organise a wedding abroad when you don’t speak the language and can be extremely daunting.  From the moment that we contacted Distinctive Italy we felt reassured by their professionalism. They have a large list of reputable suppliers that they work with and at no stage did we feel that we were being pressured into employing any particular supplier. Our wedding planner, Raffaela, kept in frequent contact with us throughout the 12 months that we were planning the wedding with rarely a week passing without some contact.  Having chosen for Catholic service, Raffaela, liaised with the local priest and provided us with all of the paperwork and information that we needed to get legally married in Italy. This was a massive relief as it is a legal and administrative minefield to navigate.

Initially Distinctive Italy arranged a shortlist of several venues, all of which were beautiful locations. We choose Casa Country House which greatly exceeded our expectations. On the wedding day a representative from Distinctive Italy, Antonella, spent the full day and night with us and everything went so smoothly with her coordination. 

The suppliers that Distinctive Italy sourced for us were all genuinely amazing. The band, the DJ, the guitarist, the  florist, hairdresser, the church and the venue were all flawless.  Our guests were all really impressed with every part of the day and we couldn’t have been happier. Our impression is that Distinctive Italy would not work with suppliers that are not of a high standard.

Throughout the planning, we were kept fully informed of the costs and at no stage did we feel that we weren’t in control or being pressured into buying services that we did not want or were above and beyond our budget. Distinctive Italy offered practical support in a very clear concise way.

We are so grateful to Raffaela, Antonella and Rosanna at Distinction Italy for all their hard work and guidance. They really took the stress away from us and made our wedding day the best day of our lives. They are professional, very well organised and personable.  We highly recommend services.  Natalie and Barry

Carla and Daniel - Castle Wedding in the Alps

Buongiorno Stefania!

I apologize this email comes so late! We are back from our honeymoon, and now all caught up on laundry and sleep!

Yes, we are happy to be a reference for other couples, so please feel free to share my email. Planning a wedding this way was a scary thing since everything was so far away and we had very little control. I’m happy to share our experience with DIW and the care you took every step of the way to make sure we knew things were going according to plan.

To be honest with you, when everything was all said and done, it was so much more than we could have ever imagined or expected.  The Castle  was something out of a dream - and all of our guests continue to tell us that often as we look through photos. We would rate the venue, including all of the staff, 5s across the board. The owner, Ruth, made us feel so welcome, and told us often how happy they were to have us there. She was outgoing and friendly to all of our guests all 4 days of our stay. The reception staff were extraordinary - not only did they take care of odds and ends quickly and with a smile (i.e. setting up cab rides for our guests to get into Bolzano, quickly pressing everyone's shirts and things for the wedding, and assisting 3 of our guests with tracking down and receiving their luggage which had gotten lot along the way). All of us appreciated that any question we proposed was met with “Of course, that is no problem".  The bar and kitchen staff, especially Imre, deserve our utmost thanks. From the moment we arrived they accommodated our large group for meals, again, with a smile, and kept everyone happy and laughing in the lounge and at the bar until the last person retired to bed. They never made us feel unwelcome and were just truly kind people.

The day of the wedding was no exception - staff were helpful and kind. What we will remember most is the food! From the wine and appetizers during the aperitif to the truly incredible 6-course  meal, every detail was perfect. We were very excited about the wedding menu, and it did not disappoint. The caliber of the food, and the creativity of the presentation, are things we will never forget.

No words could really describe how we felt about the Castle - just know we appreciated their hospitality and professionalism and will be back again as soon as we can!

Regarding the florist - I did not personally them, but Dan did. They were very nice and very positive about the weather going our way :) For not having a clear idea myself of what I wanted the bouquets to look like, they were spot on and fit our motif perfectly. The arch was stunning and was all that was needed on the terrace to make the ceremony simple yet classy, which is what we were hoping for. Not too showy, but beautiful with a rustic feel as we overlooked vineyards and orchards.

Alessandro and his assistant were energetic and fun!! They kept everyone smiling for sure. We have not yet received any photos but know they will be stunning just based on where we were, and the creative shots Alesssandro set up. We anxiously await a sneak peek, but want him to take his time of course. He was professional and from the work I have seen on his website, worth every penny!

The women who came to do our hair and makeup were kind, and really did a great job following the photos we showed them.

Last, but certainly not least, we would rate the quality of service received from you all at DIW a 5 for sure. Like I said, it was difficult to trust that things were going according to plan since we were so far away from everything. We really put our trust in you, Stefania, and every step of the way you responded to our (many) questions patiently and with understanding.  You were flexible in making time to Skype with us over the long year of planning, which we appreciate given the 6 hour time difference. There were some times that it took longer to receive responses, either because you had to communicate with the venue or vendors before getting back to us. but any anxiety that caused was quickly squashed when we would see that we had an email from you.

The day of the wedding you were so relaxed, and calm it made me feel like I had nothing at all to worry about - I even give you the credit for making the sun come out :) You had everything under control down to the music, which we appreciate you taking charge of. Overall, we could not have been happier. The pictures our guests have shared only tell part of the story, but the stories that we will share for the rest of our lives will keep those memories alive for us forever.

I apologize if this sounds cliché, but thank you for helping make our wedding everything we could have imagined and more. Really :)


Megan and Neil - Wedding in Rome

Hello! We cannot thank you enough for all the services and advice you and Bonnie provided us. It was sincerely the best day of our lives, and could not have gone better. Neil and I cannot stop talking about how great everything was, and how blessed we are! Most people cannot say their wedding day went off without a hitch, but we truly can. The church, castle, flowers, photographers, everything was amazing. Our friends and family are also very pleased and are raving about how great the weekend was. 

I will try to make this short since I have not a single bad thing to say:

Quality of service- 5. 
The castle was simply stunning, and always made sure we had what we needed. The flowers, centerpieces, candles, food was all very impressive and exactly what I dreamed of. The photographers and videographer were courteous and attentive, so I know our pictures and video will be amazing! Can't wait to see them.

Responsiveness- 5. 
Bonnie was always very responsive in not only returning my emails, but in making sure my voice was heard. When the castle ran out of vodka, she made sure they got more. When I was unhappy with some changes they were making to the reception, she worked to arrange a reception I would be pleased with. I chose to go with a planning service so that I didn't have to be bogged down with the little details and I am so happy that I never had to worry about anything because I knew she was taking care of it. 

Professionalism- 5. 
Absolutely everyone we encountered during our wedding weekend treated us with the upmost respect. 

Value- 5. 
It's tough to compare since we don't know anyone that's ever gotten married like we did! I do know that if I had chosen to get married back in the states it would have cost my father a small fortune, and not even have come close to as beautiful as our wedding in Rome was. 

Flexibility- 5. 
I don't think there was ever a time where I didn't feel as if you all were being flexible with me. I felt like I received everything I dreamed of and more. You can absolutely use our emails for references! We'd love to tell people how special our day was and the exemplary level of service you provided. 

We are nearing the end of our honeymoon and leaving beautiful Positano for Paris, but cannot wait to get back home to start our lives together. If the rest of our lives are as great as our wedding we are in for an amazing ride! Thank you for everything!

Megan and Neil

Deborah and Rafael - Wedding in Tuscany

We are so happy that we chose to go with Distinctive Italy Weddings! When we first became engaged, we did a quick Google search for 'Weddings in Tuscany.' It was our lucky day that your blog about Ivy & Dmitry's wedding popped up first! Their Tuscan wedding at the historical Borgo captured everything I dreamed of and more...I knew I had found my wedding planners!

We were very impressed with your responsiveness and professionalism. Planning with Raffaela was a pleasure - she was patient, organized, and simpatica! It is obvious that she truly cares about her couples and will do anything to make sure they are happy! I am a very detail oriented person and had many personal touches that I wanted to incorporate in our wedding. Raffaela was able to execute every last detail to perfection! Every guest was blown away with the beauty and overwhelming feeling of love and warmth at our Welcome Dinner and Wedding Day. We have had so many friends and family tell us that it was the wedding of the century, and that they have never and will never again attend such an amazing wedding celebration. We only wish we could have stopped time to soak it all in...the Borgo with the 360 degree views of Val d'Orcia, the delicious food, exquisite floral decorations, and regal table arrangements!  Not to mention David Righeschi, the tenor who sang throughout the evening and gave goosebumps to everyone. It was truly magical! Thank you so much for making our dream wedding a reality! We will never forget it!

Please feel free to use any part of this email on your website, or with other clients. Thank you again for everything!!!

All the best,
Deborah & Rafael

Krystel and Hany - Lake Como Wedding

Hello Rosanna,

How are you? We are on our honeymoon right now in Greece, Santorini.

We are so happy with our wonderful wedding. Everybody is saying it is the best they have never been to.. And that we made a wonderful job of organisation.

Without your help nothing could it be possible and you made our dream come true with no mistakes.

Hairdresser : Even if i had only one trial and that until the day of the wedding i didn't really know what i wanted to do, she understood directly what i didn't like in a chignon and made it perfectly.

Make up : She made something soft and classy and it's totally my style.

Photographer : I LOVE him , he is so nice and professionnal, he showed me sometimes his shots and WOW they are amazing , i can't wait to see all the pictures. ( He told me if i want some sneak peek i can write him , i would like some if he can for the 8th of August, we have a reception in Montreal for those who didn't come).

Boat : Extra service, we loved it.

Aperitivo : I didn't eat at the aperitivo i was talking to the guests but everyone said it was the best food they have ever had. (italians knows better than anybody else about food)

Dinner : Excellent, food amazing, marquee amazing and finally spacious not feeling crowded!

Band : They are the best band i have ever heard, Hany loved them more than any other band in Canada, they put so much energy that everybody was in a mood to dance all the time. She has such a nice voice!

Cake : wow i didn't know it would be that big and we were really happy!! We had the firefountains and the week before the wedding we saw fireworks in Cernobbio we prayed to have them on Saturday and it works :):)

Open Bar : We started the open later than 22h because of the delay of the other services but it was perfect, good service .

Discotheque : it was a good idea to do a discotheque, the older guests started to go and the youngest had so much fun there with a really good DJ!

And FINALLY your wedding planners are amazing, they are my best support and it was a pleasure to meet them. Raffaella always asked if i was ok and helped me with everything from the beginning to the end. Same for Rita , she talks with the guests and make them confortable. Anna Maria is kind and always behind us if  we need something as water or help. Also Anna Maria from catering, i like her a lot.

THANK you Again Rosanna for everything , i'm sad that it's ending that why i'm crying almost everyday because it was a big project and i want to continue this project with you. 

We'll talk soon


Elise and Lars - luxury wedding in Lake Como

Hello dear Rosanna!

There are so many things we want to thank you for. For the kind words below, for your ultra quick responsiveness from day one, for working hard to understand our sometimes vague wishes and explanations. And last but not least; thanks for planning the wedding that turned out to out rule all of our expectations and dreams!

·         Quality of Service 5
·         Responsiveness 5
·         Professionalism 5
·         Value 5
·         Flexibility 5

Sorry I can't give you more constructive criticism, but we can't put out finger on anything that could be done better from your side.

Same goes for all of the providers. Blunotte - fantastic performance of the ceremonial songs! Same goes for the DJ and sax - WOW! Everyone was dancing their socks off and commented of how great it all was. Didn't get to hear the pianist unfortunately, but my mother said it was wonderful.

GHT has been a pleasure staying at as always, and very accommodating to our big Scandinavian crowd - even if some of our guests tried to break into the pool for a night swim..:) Amazing experience!

Barbara was great to have around - could see at once that she knew what she was doing. Looking forward to seeing the photos ALOT!

Rita, and the lovely helper I can't remember the name of, NO WORDS. Made my day stress-free.

And yes, of course you can use my email as a reference. Would be happy to strongly recommend you for anyone who wants their dream wedding come true.

Let me know if there is any thing else we can help with.

Best wishes,
Elise and Lars

Abby and Adam - Wedding in Florence, Tuscany

Ciao Raffaela!

Hope you are well. Thank you again for all of your help with our wedding.

Below are our impressions of DIW and our wedding:

Planning a wedding is hard work, and planning a destination wedding is even harder! The same amount of work is involved in planning a wedding, whether it is for 10 guests or 200 guests. Thanks to your help, Junko's help, and the rest of the DIW staff, Adam and I had a very beautiful and successful wedding!

It took a lot of trust on our part to have you plan our Florence wedding while we are in California. We were not in Florence, nor could we travel there, to see the church or reception venue options. We only saw pictures of the places.

We particularly like the Villa Hotel because it had a villa-like atmosphere yet still within the city. The hotel had a wonderful view of Florence. The food was delicious! Alina and the staff at the Villa were accommodating and a great pleasure to work with. She gave us a tour of the hotel and walked us through the plans for the reception, including a back up plan in case it rained.

Our hair and makeup stylists were also great! Our hair stylist knew what hair style looked best and our make up stylist made us look beautiful without overdoing the make up. Our flowers and decorations were gorgeous. We enjoyed the harpist, but honestly, I cannot really remember the music during the ceremony because a lot was happening and it was a very emotional time. Our photographer, Alessandro and his assistant Laura, were fantastic and creative! We can't wait to see all of the pictures.

Overall, Adam and I are very happy with DIW's services. All of the vendors were easy to work with and they exceeded our expectations. We are happy to be a reference for future couples planning a wedding with DIW.

Grazie mille and warmest regards,

Abby and Adam


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