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Bhavna and Marco – Indian Wedding in Tuscany

Dear Raffaela,

Thank you so much for the sweet wishes and of course, thanks a million for being our wedding planner and planning our wedding to perfection. I really like working with you because you are efficient, you pay attention to details and you have a real gift of knowing what I wanted before even I did. Raffaela and Rosanna, it was an amazing wedding... it has been over a week and we wish we could go back and repeat it all over again so it was in one word: fantastic!

I wanted to give a speech but I was a little too emotional at the reception so I let Marco do it, but I really wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and care to plan this very extensive 3 day wedding for us. 

I know it wasn't easy, it required a lot of time, a lot of attention to detail, and you and your team managed to pull it off seamlessly!

We were very happy to work with Distinctive Italy and we would definitely recommend it to future couples in a heartbeat so you can definitely use our e-mails as reference!

I have family and friends who tell me that this is the best wedding they have been to and this makes us so happy and it is something you should be proud of, because all the hard work, the long e-mails, the phone calls, chasing the florists... :) It all paid off and it was magnificent and we really hope that you got to enjoy it alongside us! 

Regarding the vendors (Florist, DJ and Dhol player)

We were very happy with the way Alessandro worked. As a bride, I noticed the extra's he added and it was very much appreciated. He did a great job!

As for the DJ and Dhol player, I have family and friends telling me they have never enjoyed a wedding this much in their entire lives. The dhol player was excellent.. and DJ Lorenzo is a great guy who worked very well with me. People didn't want to stop dancing so mission accomplished!


La Delizia impressed us in a very special way and we would definitely recommend them to future couples!

…..we are so happy we found DIW, so happy we found YOU and we couldn't be happier to be married and to have you be a part of this special moment....

I must admit a big part of me still misses e-mailing you late at night about the wedding, so I think I really like planning weddings....! Maybe I'll join your team one day who knows! hahah

With that said, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing experience and memories you have given us.

Lots of love,

Bhavna & Marco



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