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Brea and Tom - Wedding in Malcesine, Lake Garda

G'Day Stefania,

Well after a whirlwind honeymoon through Italy & Spain we are home now and the secret of our elopement in Malcesine, Lake Garda is out and we surprised everyone (except for our parents who were in on it) !

Finally, we are back home had the welcome home party and I have found the time to write you this long overdue but still important note about well everything... :)

THANK YOU SO MUCH seems to be a good start but I’m not sure it covers everything so here we go in detail ha-ha....  

Stefania, I can’t thank you enough for all the work you put in over the last 11 months to put together the most magical day for us it was absolutely wonderful and totally exceeded expectations. From our first emails it was easy to see that you wanted to make this the best day of our lives.

I was pretty vague in the beginning with our only ideas that we wanted it to be on a lake. I think that is why I’m so grateful for the lists, ideas and numerous options that you provided it made it very easy for me and Tom to review and make decisions. I also want to thank you for offering up hints and tips for our trip through Italy - Verona was a fantastic place and one of our favourites so I’m really glad you told us a bit about it otherwise we may have missed it !

Other things and notes of thanks if you can pass them on...

Pre Wedding Documentation

Just wanted to let you know that Angela who we met in Milan was brilliant! She assisted us on the paperwork front which was great. She met us at the embassy and helped us very much, as there was a recent change in how things worked she was the only one who was prepared and had the right details for the security guard to let her through and for us to have the documents legalised before we headed to Malcesine. Very professional and very well prepared.

Hair & Makeup

WOW just wow and special thanks to a fantastic hairdresser and makeup artist ! I would highly recommend her to anyone. If I lived in Verona she would be my hairdresser for sure! I only had a side profile photo of the hairstyle I wanted and she was able to pull together the whole thing and it was exactly what I had imagined. The makeup was flawless Yasmin has a great eye and attention to detail. The red lips were great ! She also went above and beyond assisting me to get ready fixing up my dress & helping me with my insanely high heeled shoes to complete the look J no need for an entourage of bridesmaids as she took care of everything !

Manicure & Nails

Unfortunately I can’t remember the name of the lady who did my nails the day before I should have written in down... She was brilliant she fixed up 3 of my nails which had chipped/broken and made them look brand new. It was awesome and definitely much more than what I had requested I’m so very grateful. They looked perfect for that day and also for the rest of our trip which was great as usually polish lasts only 1 to 1.5 weeks on my hands so that was really good and unexpected.


High Five to the Florist!! The flowers were an exact replica of the picture I had sent through actually they were even better ! The roses were absolutely stunning so fresh and crisp they looked the same at the end of the day as they did at the beginning and even the next day they were still perfect and the small white rose buds had started to bloom they were exactly what I had imagined. I wanted to take them home with me but I doubt they would have made it all the way back to Australia!

Transport - Maserati

Well this was Toms choice and he chose really well the Black Maserati looked very sleek but it was also really comfortable and had space for my dress... not that it was a massive dress but it was really comfortable which was important since we had a hour long lakeside drive to the Castle. I really liked staying a bit further away from the place the ceremony is because it built anticipation etc so for me it was really good even though it meant getting up a bit earlier J


Malcesine is such a beautiful place to get married!! I wish we had more time there to explore the streets and town.  The castle was amazing. Although I wish I did wear flat shoes (as you recommend) hahaaa getting around on the cobble stones and up the castle stairs in my super high heels was difficult but I’m glad I made it - I should have put the flat shoes in the car with me instead of in the trunk of the car:)

The staff at the town hall were great so helpful the day before arranging for a pre visit to the castle for us it was great. Also very unexpected were the gifts from the town that we were given on the day of the wedding – commemorative glass plate with the castle and our names etched in and next years calendars were a great momento of the day and fantastic as they can remind us of the place

The stunning views the castle, the lake and the mountains it is just so picture perfect, I would highly recommend this beautiful town to anyone and everyone. I had never heard of Malcesine before so thank you for putting it in the pack if had not seen it in there I would not have known about this gem of a place or met any of its wonderful people. 


So originally we were not going to have a videographer ... I have seen many friends videos which were just terrible so I was really put off by the whole thing. Stefania, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you sent through the details of a few for me to look at. I seriously didn’t realise how fantastic a wedding video could be and I’m over the moon that we chose Denis to be our videographer. He was fantastic and from the moment we met at the hotel he put us at ease (especially Tom) he was very relaxed and gave good direction which made it really easy. As people who are not used to that type of attention it was great to have the dynamic duo of Denis and Stefano guiding us through. They were professional and listened to what we were after on our videos. We wanted a video that would transport our friends and family to the day like they were bystanders watching on as went through the day, to show the beauty of Malcesine and Sirmione and to make them see why we chose this beautiful place rather than a wedding at home in Australia (a big ask). The Second video we was to be more a fun look at our friendship and love and the day but through our eyes so we can look back at go wow how much fun was that !! We were also under time pressure to have the videos back in time for our big welcome home/surprise we are married party. I can’t really describe how amazing these videos were we just had the party on the weekend and there were people crying about how beautiful they were and how amazing the location was, I can’t tell you how many people made comments about how professional and polished the video was and a couple of friends who were photographers also commented on the detail and angles of the shots and how great they were. I’m just so happy with how they turned out and that we got to meet Denis and Stefano who made the experience fun for us.   I can’t even describe it properly in this email. This was by far the best investment we made.


Unlike the umming and arring I had over whether or not to get a videographer I knew from the start that we wanted some great pictures to capture the day. After looking at Alessandro’s pictures online I loved his work so it was an easy decision. I’m not sure exactly how to describe the experience apart from it was so easy and was much fun! Both Alessandro and his co photographer (who’s name escapes me right now.. wow I’m usually good with names... ) were great. I’m not a fan of posed stand together and look at the camera photos so it was good to go walking around the town and cruising on the Boat just having a good time. I have a I have not had the opportunity yet to see the photos them but I’m sure they will be brilliant.

Transport 2 - The Boat

The boat ride we took from Malcesine back to Sirmione was one of my favourite parts of the day! It was quite a windy day to start off with so I was a bit concerned it might be really bumpy ride but it wasn't really at all. It was fantastic to kick back with a bottle of champagne and just admire the view from the lake.   


What a fantastic way to close out the most romantic day – seriously the setting could not have been more perfect... The sun setting over the lake giving way to a full moon which shone brightly over the lake and with the live music in the background it was just beautiful !!!  

We had our own personalised menus, with the date and names which was a nice keepsake. It was also great for us as they had a special menu for each of us since Tom doesn’t eat seafood . The food was devine! The portions were generous and packed full of flavour and so perfectly presented you kind of didn’t want to eat them they looked so good. There was a basil like mouse which was toms Favourite and mine was definitely the risotto for someone who does not normally eat rice that is a big call J

The Villa Cortine Palace

What a great location and a fantastic place to stay. The staff were extremely helpful with our last minute requests the room was big and the bathroom was huge which was good since we had the hair, makeup and everything set up. One of my favourite things about this hotel was the grounds they were a great place to walk around, relax and explore. I really wish we had more time there but something tells me we will be back there at some stage...perhaps an anniversary trip. It was also interesting for Tom driving through the historical centre and past all the people on the tiny streets (that doesn’t really happen in Australia) so was entertaining. Sirmione was also very beautiful and we got some time to explore the ruins and the town over the few days we stayed there.


So I guess overall a heart felt thank you from both myself and Tom for making our Wedding day so special and most important to me hassle free. I would highly recommend you personally Stefania and the team at DIW to anyone, especially those looking to escape the drama which accompanies planning and executing perfect wedding yourself - leave it up to the professionals J.  On a final note it was great to finally meet you and put a face to the emails, if you ever come back to Australia pop down to Melbourne and pay us a visit J

Eternally grateful,

Brea & Tom


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