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Caitrona and Jamie – Wedding in Tuscany

So finally getting to put this down!

The things we loved the most:

The venue

We couldn't recommend it more. It was simply stunning and really captured the essence of Tuscany. We loved the versatility, with lots of different areas for different parts of the weekend and having everyone staying onsite was incredible. I would have expected to rent buses to bring our guests to different areas but Montegufoni had so much in it, that no-one got bored and everyone really loved discovering new places in it. Everyone loved their rooms and the pool area made for a great common area. The owner was wonderful, to the point that we thought he was the hotel manager until we asked him; he checked in every day to make sure everything was ok and he and his staff were super attentive and fun (the chef partied with us on the dancefloor first night!). The food was flawless and the wedding cake was many guests' 'favourite dessert ever'. We'll definitely be returning to Montegufoni.

The celebrant

We had so many comments from people to say that it was the most romantic ceremony that they'd ever been to, and that was all down to Andrea. I've never seen my friends cry so much before! We loved the rituals he suggested to us and he managed to keep the ceremony really personal. He brought so much love to the day, that I'm just sorry we didn't get to thank him properly on the day.

Music, lights & flowers

The Ale Fusco band were fantastic and they did a great job opening up the dancefloor on the first night - we loved them. The sax player did a great job and lots of people said their highlight was dancing to song he played as we entered in for dinner. The mixtape were one of my highlights for sure, so I'm glad we took the risk (though I probably wouldn't recommend others do!) and Guty e Simone were great on the Sunday too. The lighting worked really well on the day, especially in the courtyard for dinner. The flowers were beautiful and I was so happy they were able to make an archway for the ceremony in the end.


They were all great on the day (though we started the make-up an hour later than planned) and we're looking forward to seeing the results!

We were really grateful to be in such good hands with you all through the planning process, through to making decorations the day before the wedding, and all through the day itself. You made sure everything ran smoothly and we and our guests simply couldn't have asked for a more beautiful, more fun weekend. We really are still buzzing from the whole thing and I think my Dad is still in shock from all the love and beauty! Thanks for tending to our every task and allowing us to fuss over small details! You helped us smile and laugh all weekend and we genuinely have no regrets at all. 

I hope that helps - let us know if we can clarify anything at all.

My best friend just got engaged so I'm trying to convince her to go back to Italy! I'll let you know if I can persuade her ;)