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Carmen and Steve - Wedding in Tuscany

Thank you Rosanna & Raffaela,
Sorry it took a while for my reply - we stayed in Sardegna for a couple days after the wedding and I am only now starting to get back into the regular schedule (replying to emails etc..)!
We had such an amazing time - the many months of planning and organizing showed for our result! Steve and I couldn't have asked for a better outcome, especially given the weather, which none of us could control! I know we made the right choice with DIW, as well as the venue of Gargonza. I never thought we would be stuck with everything as the "Plan B" but it still turned out so well. It's funny, because people always tell you through the planning process that "no matter how well you plan something will go wrong, so try your best not to worry about all the little details." This is great advice and I definitely worked to be carefree (as much as possible!), but other than the weather, absolutely nothing went wrong. Which is incredible in itself - I even got the most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen

> the flowers were beyond what I'd imagined - Nadia did such beautiful arrangements, they were absolutely perfect. Comments on my bouquet included "the most beautiful bouquet I've ever seen" and many compliments from ladies with experience in floral arranging (my advice to others in the future [and my past self] would be to select your colours, maybe your preferred flower types - but the florist is the professional, they'll make it great without needing to be micro-managed!)
> the cake and cake cutting - the cake was exceptionally beautiful. I had not worried about this too much, though was interested in something that was at least consistent with the atmosphere and our style, but overall was blown away by the end result. The last-minute decisions for the cake cutting also turned out so well, the lighting was beautiful and even the moon shone through - perfection!
> the food and service at the restaurant was fantastic.
Everyone at Gargonza was amazing, the service was excellent, everyone liked their rooms (cleanliness), the food was great, and the venue in good order.
I have to thank Raffaela so much for all her work [and patience through mini freak-outs] with me; and Antonella and Giada for everything they assisted with onsite; the last minute advice and suggestions were all exactly what needed to be done and they made sure it all happened without a hitch. Despite absolutely terrible weather, it was perfect!
I would be happy to provide a reference for DIW in the future; you made the whole process seamless (which was the point after all!) and took a huge complicated thing and turned it into many small decisions, made over time that were manageable and simplified - thank you!
Thank you so much again! I can't express how grateful we are for everything that the entire DIW crew did for us.

Carmen & Steve



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