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Sara and Manaf - Wedding in Lake Como

Hi Rosanna,

 Thank you so much!!! Sara and I couldn't be happier with the way the wedding turned out - EVERYTHING was exactly as we had hoped/wished for it to be, and you guys are the reason why, so from the bottom of our hearts, thank you :)

 There really wasn't a single thing we would have done differently. Here's our feedback on each of the points you mentioned:

  • The villa was as beautiful as we'd planned for it to be (flower set up, table/chair set up, light set up, etc). The one thing people kept saying was "your wedding was the most beautiful one we've ever been to. It was a fairy tale wedding". I can't tell you how many great photos and videos people took!
  • The DJ did a fantastic job with the music. We were running at least 45 min - 1 hour behind schedule, which means he couldn't play more than 50% of what we sent. But what he ended up selecting for the English music was just perfect. He played the crowd so well and for that reason all of the guests really enjoyed what they heard. He was also a really nice guy so that was an added bonus :)
  • The food was as delicious, if not more, than it was on the day we went for the tasting. People couldn't stop talking about how good ALL OF IT was. Especially the cake! You were 100% correct in saying that the risotto was killer. Two weeks after the wedding people are still talking about it!
  • The wait staff were awesome and remained professional all throughout the event. 
  • The photographers and videographer were an absolute pleasure to work with. We spent so much time with them on the wedding day that by the end of it it felt as though we were saying goodbye to new good friends. They will definitely be missed.
  • Sara and the rest of the ladies had great feedback on Margaret (the makeup artist). Even though she couldn't speak much English she still managed to prep people in a way that made everyone look beautiful. 
  • The hair stylist (Pamela) did a good job with fixing up the ladies' hair…..

HATS OFF TO EVERYONE! We're gona miss planning our wedding with you guys and every other person involved in the planning process.

 Best regards,

Manaf and Sara



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