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Ursula and Philip - Wedding in Chianti

Dear Rosanna, 

Philip and I cannot thank you enough at DIW for helping to make our special day so perfect. It most certainly exceeded all our expectations. 

Our Chianti Farmhouse became a busy little hub on the morning of our wedding but each person that arrived from make up to photographer seemed to immediately blend in and carry out their tasks seamlessly. 

The girls were all thrilled with their hair and make up services. We cannot speak highly enough of Samantha and her team. Their personalities along with their amazing skills and talents were impressive. 

The flowers were amazing and EXACTLY what we asked for. Nadia was fabulous and Stefania and her both carried out a very last minute request of providing flowers for the bride and bridesmaid's hair. Nadia provided extra flowers for hair and for Philip so he could choose between a white or pink boutonniere! Amazing! We were very sad to leave all our flowers behind!! 

The guys we rented the car from were FABULOUS! Such great personalities with a great service! The car was stunning! The guys came then the following day and picked the car up so that was lovely to not have to worry about such things the morning after the wedding. They even gave us a leather bound booklet about road driving in Tuscany. Such a lovely touch! 

Our farmhouse was a dream. Francesco and his family are such wonderful people and their chef Maria is fantastic. I do not have all the words to say what a perfect place the Chianti Farmhouse was and the morning of our wedding, Francesco, the owner, was there always in the background. Maria prepared brunch that morning which was delicious. Francesco was there to meet anybody who arrived that morning and what I thought was so very special was that Francesco came to our wedding mass. It was such a nice thing to do and meant so much to Philip & I. The Farmhouse for the entire week was a dream. All of my family adored the place. Our aperitifs in the garden the morning of the wedding, was a magical setting and our table for our wedding meal was again exactly as I had pictured! It was beautiful. The meal was delicious. Maria, the chef , baked Florentine cake for desert and the detail and decoration on it was just perfect. There were many little touches that we might not have asked for but were carried out anyway and they were just perfect and added to the specialness of the day. 

The church which Stefania helped us to find was very very special indeed. When we arrived at the Farmhouse at the beginning of the week we decided, as a family, that it would be nice to go to the church for Easter Sunday mass. This would give us the opportunity to meet Don Alessandro and see the church. It was one of the nicest days of our trip. The village and it's church were so beautiful. The local people were so friendly and it was so nice to meet Don Aleasandro before our wedding day. 

Our wedding ceremony was lovely. We choose to have it in Italian which was very nice as it felt more right as we were Italy anyway! When in Rome...!!! Don Alessandro was such a nice man and we were very happy to have him marry us. 

We were both majorly impressed with Alessandro the photogapher and his coworker Camille. They were over and above fantastic. We joked a lot saying that they were never going to go home! We have only seen two photographs that they have taken but even still to work with them alone was an experience. They were so full of life and so much fun and clearly both so passionate about their jobs. Their cameras did not stop clicking! The two photographs were amazing by the way!! 

Last but not least: Stefania, our wedding coordinator! She was fabulous. It was lovely to finally meet the person behind all those emails! We really cannot speak highly enough of Stefania. Again she breezed in so quietly, in the background, yet always there if needed on the day. She even carried out translations at the church when caught by surprise. On the wedding day she was just fabulous. We were only sorry we didn't get to chat with her a little more. We were just blown away by how all those images we had projected via email, back in November / December 2013, had come to life exactly and even more so than we had imagined. It really was amazing. There were things before my eyes that I'd forgotten Id even asked for and it was so lovely to see how they were made to become real. I've never had the experience where I could trust someone so much to almost see my vision and carry it out flawlessly! Incredible. Stefania was amazing!  

So thank you Rosanna and all your wonderful team at DIW. Aren't we the lucky ones that stumbled across your website that day in November! Philip & I were always cautious of putting too much emphasis on one day in our lives and a little afraid of making too much out of it!!! But thanks to all of you, our day is a day that will never be far from ours or our families minds. It was AMAZING and so so special. Exactly like a fairy tale wedding that I would chose to write about! I cannot thank you all enough. Thank you for your kind wishes and we would both be delighted to act as possible references! 

Kindest Regards, 

Ursula Claire & Philip 



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