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  • Selecting the best flowers for your Italy wedding
  • Selecting the best flowers for your Italy wedding
  • Selecting the best flowers for your Italy wedding
  • Selecting the best flowers for your Italy wedding
  • Impeccable Planning - Flawless Execution
  • Impeccable Planning - Flawless Execution
  • Impeccable Planning - Flawless Execution
  • Impeccable Planning - Flawless Execution
Aside from the wedding gown, the wedding bouquet remains the most important bridal accessory for your Italy wedding, and is sure to be the focus of everyone’s gaze. The style of your bouquet will depend on the type of wedding gown you choose and the overall color scheme of your reception. For your destination wedding in Italy our expert florist can create any type of elegant bouquet or floral arrangement following your requests and specifications.

“...the flowers were exactly what I would have chosen myself.”
Kerry and Arwyn
Civil Wedding in Cortina d’Ampezzo

"The flowers were perfect, I can't believe that they were able to produce exactly what I wanted just from the small description I gave you!"

Heather and Doug
Wedding in Capri

Selecting the best flowers for your Italy wedding

What style wedding are you planning? Is it an over the top event in a Tuscan castle or will it be an intimate elopement ceremony on the Amalfi Coast? Your choice of flowers will depend on the style of wedding you envision and final location.

Time of Year
One of the first issues to consider is the time of year and how hot it will be on your wedding day. If you choose to marry in Italy during the Springtime any type of flower will retain its freshness easily but if your wedding abroad is in July or August, some flowers such as tulips may be too fragile to withstand the event. Ask your wedding planner for advice on selecting a bouquet that will last for your entire event!

Color Scheme
The color scheme of your ceremony and reception including bridesmaids dresses will also be a key criteria in selecting the right bouquets, table centerpieces and ceremony arrangements. A rustic wedding in the Tuscan wine country will certainly require a different floral look compared to a luxurious Venice wedding ceremony in an ancient Palazzo.

And not to forget, the flowers were perfect.
Kathleen & Michael
Married in Florence

Most Popular Wedding Bouquet Shapes

Round Bouquet
The most popular shape for a wedding bouquet is still a round shape in varying sizes ranging from a petite nosegay to a luxurious selection of roses. The nosegay originated during the Victorian area and today is enjoying a comeback.

The bouquet designed by the florist was beautiful and it even arrived early to the hotel.”
Catherine & Phil
Civil Wedding at Caracalla Wedding Hall, Rome

Cascading Bouquet
The flowers are arranged as in a waterfall and the length of the bouquet can vary considerably. When particularly long it is often combined with ivy. The cascading bouquet is a very dramatic look and particularly suited for brides who are planning an elaborate Italian wedding event. This shape is advised for taller brides.

Inverted Teardrop Cascade
Another spectacular form which can vary in size and is particularly beautiful when made out of a combination of flowers.

Most Popular Wedding Bouquet Flowers
The rose is the undisputed queen of wedding flower bouquets. Roses will forever be linked with romance and beauty and come in such a variety of colors and shapes that they easily adapt to any style bouquet and mix well with other flower varieties. Roses are a suitable flower regardless of the time of year and are a fairly sturdy bloom, able to retain their fresh look fairly well. Some favorite types of roses for a wedding bouquet: Black Beauty (an almost black red, quite dramatic), Sweet Akito (white with a touch of pink), the Milano (deep pink), and the pale mauve Avant Garde.

The Tulip
Tulips come in a selection of riotous colours and are a bright addition to any wedding bouquet. Exotic Parrot tulips with their exquisite lacy tips are among the most colourful variety of all. In general, the tulip is a thirsty flower and tends to have a short life span if exposed to high temperatures. Not advised for July and August weddings.

The Lily
The lily, particularly the Calla lily, is a favorite flower of Italian brides, a symbol of purity and elegance and can be a single lily flower or arranged in a longer bouquet form.

Other popular flowers for wedding bouquets: orchids, carnations, peony's, Stargazer Lilly.

Ceremony and Reception Arrangements
Distinctive Italy Weddings works only with the finest floral artists. Italians are steeped in beauty and art and our florists will create stunning and imaginative designs for your wedding ceremony and reception inclusive of candles and special effects. For a Castle, Villa or Palace wedding we will match the appropriate table linens and accessories with your arrangements to create a one of a kind ambiance. Tell us your dream and we will make it happen!

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