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Paperwork Assistance

Civil and religious paperwork is required to marry in Italy and each citizenship has a different set of requirements. 

One of the key services included with Distinctive Italy is the expert assistance of your Italian wedding planner in handling the paperwork so that you don't have to worry. 

Formalities differ from region to region, and city to city, and it takes a high level of experience to navigate the complexities of this aspect of Italian wedding planning. After 20 years of planning weddings in Italy we have worked with every possible citizenship and situation.

We have experience in handling legalities for weddings in Italy for couples from all over the world. 

Below are links to the most requested nationalities but we handle many others:

Australian nationals marrying in Italy

British nationals marrying in Italy

Canadian nationals marrying in Italy

Irish nationals marrying in Italy

New Zealand nationals marrying in Italy

US nationals marrying in Italy

For Catholic weddings in Italy:  Catholic requirements to marry in Italy.