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  • Picnics and BBQ's as part of your Italian wedding event
  • Picnics and BBQ's as part of your Italian wedding event
  • Picnics and BBQ's as part of your Italian wedding event
  • Picnics and BBQ's as part of your Italian wedding event
  • Impeccable Planning - Flawless Execution
  • Impeccable Planning - Flawless Execution
  • Impeccable Planning - Flawless Execution
  • Impeccable Planning - Flawless Execution

Read our BLOG POST on Italian Wedding Receptions!

Once the ceremony is over...it is time for the celebration to begin, and your wedding reception is sure to be the highlight of your wedding in Italy and something you and your guests will never forget!

Italy needs no introduction in the area of food! Our couples return home raving over the incredible food they experience during their wedding reception in Italy. Ingredients are still grown locally and seasonally in our beautiful country and prepared by hand according to ancient traditions. Italians love a celebration, and there is nothing like a wedding banquet to bring out our creativity! From a multi course candle lit reception in a fairy tale castle to a rustic Tuscan dinner at a traditional restaurant; we know you will experience splendid flavors and presentations, accompanied by fine wines. We cover every possibility.

Our testimonials are filled with amazed comments from couples who have experienced the extraordinary food, wine and hospitality of their wedding reception in Italy. The abundance, impeccable presentation, and incredible quality of local ingredients never cease to astonish our couples.

The discriminating staff at Distinctive Italy Weddings will design your dream Italian wedding reception complete with customized table arrangements, menu printing and seating arrangements. We want your reception to be exquisite and magical!


  • A long, magnificent imperial table laden with candelabras, and extravagant flower arrangements. 
  • A midnight dessert buffet with every possible sweet delicacy to entice your guests.
  • Elaborate fireworks display.
  • A magical candle lit dinner in one of the most exclusive wine cellars.

Our Italian wedding directors are particularly food oriented with vast experience in the culinary world and professional wine and food training. They will assist you in tailoring the perfect wedding menu and wine selection depending on the region you choose to marry in. Each region has its own specialties and delights for you to discover.

"And the reception was out of a fairy tale, the hotel was so beautiful with the high ceilings and frescoes and we cannot say enough about the staff who organized and prepared the wedding reception and their service on the wedding day was absolutely beyond words, they made me feel like a true princess for the day, even the whole family felt like "royalty." They started the appetizers in the garden with Champagne. We then moved into the restaurant which they had a large table set up for us in the centre and no one else was in the restaurant which made the whole wedding experience unbelievable. Again please thank everyone for the wonderful job and making our day so special, I cannot put into words how special it was beyond my expectations!!!! We had coffee and a delicious wedding cake in the garden, which unfortunately we had forgot to take with us the wedding top of the cake of a bride and groom. Again, thank you for recommending Salo’ – it was the best choice we could have made and when you are so far away planning such an important day, you have to trust that everyone will do their best and you and everyone did!!!"

Ted & Evelyn
Lake Garda Wedding

"Firstly, let me say that the wedding and reception were absolutely amazing! My sister's friend who had referred us to you said that her wedding "was better than she could have imagined" and those words rang true for us throughout the exciting event. The Villa was unbelievably beautiful and our friends kept repeating that they felt unworthy to be there. The service was impeccable as well and the food was delicious. Everything was perfect and we greatly appreciate everything you did to make it that way. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Again, thank you for creating such a beautiful and memorable event. We had the most amazing time!"

Wedding in Tuscany

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