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Elegant Chalet Hotel

Elegant Chalet Hotel

This Elegant Chalet Hotel is the oldest hotel structure in Cortina, originally built in 1826 and an excellent example of Alpine architecture. Open year round except November, it is a delightful location for a honeymoon or wedding reception in Cortina D'Ampezzo, offering first class amenities and services. The hotel is positioned in the very heart of the town, within walking distance of the finest boutiques and restaurants.

The Viennese terrace is one of the best places for relaxing and people watching in delightful surroundings. In summertime you can enjoy the incredible views from the outdoor terrace. The beautiful restaurant with its gothic, vaulted arches would be a perfect location for a romantic, candlelit Cortina wedding reception.

Many of the bedrooms have breathtaking views of the Dolomite mountains from the windows. The interior halls are decorated with Alpine antiques, original painted ceilings and rich fabrics. This is a family owned establishment and carefully managed in every detail.

Fairytale Alpine Castle

Fairytale Alpine Castle

What an incredible location! The castle enjoyes an eagle's nest position second to none which redefines the meaning of the word "panoramic". We absolutely love this superior 4* Tyrolean castle nestled among the beautiful Northern Italian Alps!  Couples in search of the extraordinary will experience here the setting of their dreams.

Imagine a location in which quality is not luxury, it is simply how things are done and have been done for over 50 years of family run hospitality!

We discovered this Fairytale Castle while driving along the beautiful alpine scenery around Bolzano and Merano; famous for its vineyards and fruit orchards built up into the walls of the mountains.  Suddenly, the castle appears, dominating the entire valley from the top of a cliff overlooking the charming small Tyrolean village below.  It feels as if you just stepped inside a postcard. The historic hotel is the perfect starting point for every possible excursion: from touring Alpine castles to mountaineering, paragliding, fishing, cycling, mountain-biking and visiting the bucolic Monticolo and Caldaro lakes. 

Imagine  castle walls bordered by countless roses. In the middle, a wrought-iron gate. Just one small step and you feel like you are in a different world. Inside the castle, you sense a truly special magic in the air. The sweeping terrace with spectacular views over the Tyrolean landscape is the perfect setting from which to enjoy outstanding cuisine.  

We still remember the thrill of relaxing on the panoramic terrace restaurant sipping on a glass of Prosecco...


Verona and Veneto

Verona Palace & Gardens

Verona Palace & Gardens

In the very heart of the city's historic center, this noble residence is a gorgeous location for a wedding ceremony and reception in Verona.  It is possible to hold a legally binding civil ceremony on the property, either outside in the wonderful gardens or in one of the stunning grand halls.  The Palazzo dates back to the 1700's and its interiors are decorated with elaborate frescoes, carvings and stuccoes by famous artists such as Filippo Maccari (1725-1800), Francesco Lorenzi (1723-1787) and Lorenzo Pavia (1741-1764).  Arches and majestic doorways create a regal atmosphere. 

But we are particularly entranced by the amazing gardens - which viewed from the upper balconies are enchanting.  You would never imagine upon entering that such a wide, green expanse could be hidden behind the palazzo's gates.  The gardens are ideal for outdoor ceremonies, cocktails or a reception.  And if that were not enough, adjacent to the gardens are the ancient cellars -perfect for dancing the night away to your heart's content with wonderful acoustics.  In short, this palace has everything you could ever desire for a royal wedding!

Magnificent Castle

Magnificent Castle

For a fairytale Italian wedding this Magnificent Castle is one of the most amazing locations we have to offer! 

Built on the edge of a cliff overlooking the Valmareno valley and blessed  by the mild climate of the hills of Treviso, the Magnificent Castle is one of the finest examples of redevelopment of the Italian historic – artistic heritage and one of the grandest castles in Europe.  This is a grand, yet affordable location in view of the fact that there is no rental fee to hold a wedding event at the castle.  Guests can arrive via the panoramic funicular! 

The castle is in a medieval village, in the heart of the hills of the Prosecco Veneto vineyards, between Venice and the Dolomites.  The natural surroundings are truly breathtaking. It is surrounded by a beautiful park, and is also a luxury hotel offering 80 elegant rooms, suites and apartments located in three different settings, a Spa & Beauty Farm, a sophisticated restaurant, a family pizza restaurant as well as pubs, wine cellars and wine bars.

A gorgeous, recently restructured villa belonging to the castle is available for weddings and private parties. The castle also offers a thematic museum of the eighteenth-century and a beautiful Catholic church of San Martino for your catholic wedding ceremony.

Grand Castle & Hamlet

Grand Castle & Hamlet

Location: The castle is a half hour from Treviso International Airport serviced by Ryan Air. The Venice airport is under one and a half hours away.

Constructed during the Middle Ages this is one of the great castles of Northern Italy and also one of the largest. Inside its hamlet are a stunning palace, church and ruins enclosed by medieval walls. The castle has been enriched throughout the centuries by some of the finest artists creating an atmosphere of elegance and beauty. It is also impeccably managed by family and staff in every detail. The palace was added later during the 18th century by the ambitious Count Odoardo, to compete with the nobility of Venice and to display his power and wealth. The palace is endowed with an elegant marble stairway with banisters decorated with stone statues, while the two back wings hold a small courtyard with terraced gardens. 

This is a truly splendid location for a very exclusive wedding in Italy. The ancient village and the views of the castle, with the churches of San Giovanni and Santa Croce and the Turris Magna dominating the hill, are the perfect setting for wedding ceremonies, special evenings, parties and banquets. The gorgeous natural landscape surrounding the hill is the ideal background for a memorable destination wedding in Italy. The endless possibilities offered by the natural scenario surrounding the castle make it the ideal location for your wedding photos and for a symbolic wedding ceremony. The spacious frescoed halls furnished with antiques and works of art will be a delight to discover for you and your guests. 

Vineyards and woods, pastures and meadows... the manes of horses stream freely in the air, while cows graze undisturbed with their calves. The farm that surrounds the castle is a happy and rare island, with an invaluable ecosystem. The family offers today the opportunity of spending your free moments in the houses they own on the hills, with wine tours. The ancient farmhouses dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries have come back to life after careful restoration work and with their comfortable furniture constitute today the ideal location for relaxing vacations or overnight stays far from the noise of the city.


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