Microweddings in Italy - Macro experience!

You've seen them on instagram, on the  wedding blogs and heard your friends buzzing about it, it's the hot new wedding trend - microweddings.

When a wedding trend arises, it's amplified through destination weddings, so destination microweddings are on the rise. Unlike eloping, a microwedding is still a celebration with a small party, but unlike large, traditional events, it has all the privacy of a smaller affair. The increased popularity of this new trend of 'minimonies' has come out of 2020’s covid pandemic, as well as more and more couples wanting intimate, personalised celebrations.

Wedding trends are constantly changing, and with our changing world, weddings need to adapt - enter the microwedding! 

Distinctive Italy offers all the luxury and extravagance of a destination wedding in Italy, but also on the micro scale. Whether you’ve been dreaming of your wedding for a while and no longer want to wait, or want only your close circle on your big day, the Distinctive Italy planners will make all your dreams come true down to the most minute detail. 

In case you’re new to the microwedding scene, here are some FAQ on destination microweddings: 

So what exactly is a micro-wedding? 

A smaller, more relaxed wedding celebration. Usually no more than 20 to 50 guests attend and it's completely unique and personalized to the couple. Think of it as a compact petite version of a wedding, making it a great idea for a destination wedding in Italy! Couples who opt for this smaller version usually have more room to work with when considering venue ideas, ceremony options and accommodations.

What type of Italian venue is perfect for a micro-wedding? 

The shorter guest list of microweddings make it a dream to book an Italy wedding venue. Usually with a smaller celebration, you won't need to book too far in advance. 

You also will have more options and won't need to consider the busy schedules of so many people. Meaning even an 'off season' or weekday wedding will work! Considering all this, Italy has a plethora of luxurious, glamorous, rustic chic (and everything in between) destination wedding venues. The more intimate the ceremony and reception, the more unique and creative options. So if a Renaissance villa sounds great, but you wanted something a bit more you,  a destination microwedding means being able to say 'I do' in an ancient castle tower, in a mountain chalet in the Italian Alps, or on a secluded beach in Sicily. The possibilities are utterly endless when it comes to micro weddings in Italy. 

How can you still have all the extravagant, luxurious Italy destination wedding details with a microwedding? 

Choosing to have a microwedding in Italy doesn't mean you skimp on the details and decor, everything is just scaled down to size. Depending on what you envision, a microwedding can actually make it possible to have a more personalised, detailed, and even elaborate day. Think customized party favors, unique accommodations (having everyone stay in an ancient Italian castle!), or having a bigger budget for some lavish floral arrangements (dare we say, a flower wall?) or toasting up some of the finest wines. Go bigger with the details, it will make a MACRO impact. 

Why Italy for a microwedding? 

Tuscany, The Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Puglia, Sicily,.... need we say more? 

Other than the obvious, Italy is that perfect destination spot that is exotic, romantic and luxurious, but is easy enough for foreigners to navigate, with the entire country having decades of experience in hospitality.  

Your Italy wedding needs to be one of the most memorable days of your life, by opting for a microwedding you have the freedom to tailor it exactly to what you want. If there's any part of a traditional wedding that you don’t particularly adore, like the cutting of the cake, with a microwedding you can easily eliminate it from your special day. 

Having a microwedding in Italy doesn’t mean having a micro experience - especially when you choose to have it in unforgettable Italy. At Distinctive Italy Weddings we know exactly what elements will give that ‘punch’ to your microwedding day, and we’re specialised in designing one-of-a-kind unique experiences. 

Don’t put off your fairytale wedding in Italy because of fears or restrictions, start planning your microwedding in Italy now, and have everything exactly as you want it! 

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