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Civil Weddings in Siena


Couples who choose to get married in Siena will discover one of Tuscany’s finest wedding destinations. Siena is a city that has survived the passage of time and remains a perfectly preserved Tuscan medieval town, enclosed by massive walls. As ancient as it is, the city is vibrant with life and activity and for the most part car free making it a delight to explore on foot. Siena’s walls also surround some of Italy’s greatest collections of art and architecture, including the Gothic Duomo and the breathtaking Piazza del Campo

Civil weddings in Siena

What an amazing location for a Tuscany wedding! The Palace is on the spectacular Piazza del Campo. All of Siena's civil weddings are performed inside the historic Palazzo Pubblico. The Palazzo has been the local town hall since the 1300’'s and the actual wedding hall is part of the Museo Civico, the museum which houses the famous frescoes by Simone Martini. Siena’s wedding hall is undisputedly one of the top 10 civil wedding locations in Italy. The amazing frescoes, the incredible height of the carved ceilings and sheer majesty of the Palazzo’s halls will overwhelm you. Think of your wedding photos with such an imposing and beautiful backdrop, not to mention the panorama once you exit to the sprawling Piazza del Campo!

If you wish to celebrate a wedding in Siena, you will experience all of Tuscany's elegance and beauty. Best of all, the city is ideally positioned in the center of Tuscany and a great base from which you can explore the glorious surrounding countryside. Some of Tuscany’s finest private castles and palaces with parks and gardens are near Siena and would be an ideal setting for an unforgettable Tuscany wedding reception.

Regarding Civil Weddings in Siena

Ceremonies are performed in the Palazzo Pubblico, in a large room on the first floor. You arrive at the marriage hall after passing through a variety of great rooms and antique furnishings. This is an absolutely amazing location for a wedding in Tuscany! The hall easily holds 70 guests and we highly recommend music, particularly a harp or violinist since the acoustics are very good. Week-end weddings are available as well as midweek offering you complete flexibility for your Siena wedding ceremony.

We are sure that Siena will both enchant and amaze you with its undisputed beauty and ancient history. Contact us for ideas on how to plan a magical wedding in Siena!




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